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    Kenmore Coldspot Ice Maker quit working

    My Kenmore Coldspot ice maker quit working. Model # 10659592992. Can someone please tell me how to trouble shoot this problem so I can narrow down possible causes. Thank you! David Isham
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    Problems with water build up at bottom of freezer and freezing vegetables after changing water filte

    Kenmore Coldspot Elite side by side. After changing water filter a month ago, the vegetable bin started freezing vegetables. I noticed ice build up on top of the temp control level near the bottom bin in the refrigerator side. More recently I noticed water buildup on bottom of the freezer...
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    Kenmore Model 106 Refrigerator - Water Filter?

    We have a 1995 Kenmore Model 106 series (Model 106.9550780) side by side fridge with icemaker and water dispenser. I can't find a water filter on this fridge -none in back and none under the front kick plate grill. My spouse say the water has a slight "off" taste. Is there a replaceable filter...
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    FIXED Kenmore Coldspot SxS 106.52254100 The Refrigerator seems to be running continuously Force-Defrost

    Background of the problem.... It all started few weeks ago, the food in the Fresh Food section started freezing. I checked the temperature settings, they were set to #3 on both the freezer and fridge. I lowered the temperature settings to #2 on both the freezer and fridge and it worked, the...