kenmore dryer drum

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    110.97562601 Kenmore Dryer - Drum Rubbing Top Panel

    Kenmore Dryer Model 110.97562601 Date of purchase 2006 It seems like the drum is slightly rotating unevenly. I felt a hot spot on the top panel of the dryer. When I removed the top panel. I noticed two things: There was a black mark on the underside of the top panel where the black drum...
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    110.67062600 Kenmore Oasis Dryer Won't Spin Normal Load; Will small load, belt ok, heats, no noise

    This is a Kenmore Elite Oasis Dryer Model 110, its old! When it is turned on the panel lights up and all seems normal except the drum will not spin. It can be manually started by holding in the door switch and hitting the start button. There are no extra noises such as scraping or grinding...