kenmore elite 11042922200

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    thank you

    We read your post regarding our Kenmore Elite dryer not working- We bought the part you recommended it was a fuse- took the dryer apart had the fuse checked it was not working- went to our local appliance parts place and for $22.00 bucks my husband fixed it.. thank you so much for the help this...
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    [FIXED] Kenmore He3 Smells Bad!!!! Please Help!!!

    Hello, I Am A Newbie To This Forum And I Am Turning To All You Vets For Help As I Cannot Get Any Help From Sears!! My Wifes Front Loader He3 Has A Rotten Egg Smell That Is Driving Us Crazy, We Have City Water So It's Not The Water, She Cleans It After 2 Or 3 Cycles, She Wipes The Inner Lip Of...