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    Kenmore Elite (LG) 796.41073311 bad User Interface and/or Control Board

    The patient is a Kenmore Elite 796.41073311 front load washer with steam (LG rebranded but not sure corresponding LG model ID). Purchased new summer 2019. Unit abruptly stopped working as if no power. No beeps, no error codes on LCD display, no drum light, nothing. Tried power and board resets...
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    Kenmore 110.60972990 dryer stops after releasing "start" button

    Kenmore 110.60972990 electric dryer stops after releasing "start" button, a common symptom on these I tried the easy stuff...door switch (0 ohms, plus motor won't turn at all if open), motor relay (swapped out heater control relay and tried new relay), thermal fuses (0 ohms), belt switch on...
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    Replace Older Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 665.12769K3 with new Maytag Deal

    Hi all- I have a question about a possible purchase or repair, and I need you help deciding if this is a wise decision. We have a Sears Kenmore Elite mod: 665.12769K3 (purchased 2015) that is making a clicking noise from underneath the left side of the unit when it is running. From what I've...
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    Kenmore Elite Refrigerator 795.72495.611 Cool but not Cold.

    My Kenmore Elite refrigerator will be 5 years old in a week. Last week, I noticed water leaking out from ice dispenser. Ice has been melting. I checked the bottom freezer draws. Foods are thawed off. I did following checks: 1. Self test: No Error code. 2. Temperature reading inside...
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    Kenmore Elite 795.77569600 With Several Issues

    I have a Kenmore Elite 795.77569600 french door refrigerator. The refrigerator fluctuates between 41-46F and the freezer 17-25F. The ice maker also has severe issues including not stopping when the ice bucket is cool and sometimes the tray won't dump the ice into the bucket. The interior...
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    FIXED 665.12776K310 Kenmore Elite Dishwasher extremely hot water/ stuck in a cycle

    Model: 665.12776K310 Hello Everyone, My dishwasher is about 7 years old and we use is very frequently at least once a day. Last year, I had to replace a top rack plastic bracket with the metal one and later the diverter seal because it was leaking. Since about February 2021, I caught the...
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    Kenmore Elite model # 795.73139.410 french door refrigerator freezer not working

    The refrigerator still seems to be working, although not at optimum temperature. Temperature in the freezer is around 48 degrees and refrigerator is at about 51. There was no frost build up in the freezer and the ice maker was working as of yesterday. The fan has always been rather noisy...
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    Kenmore elite upright freezer 253.28712805 ice building up on inside replaced gasket now not sealing

    Hi, So I had ice building up inside freezer so I replaced door gasket. Now bottom corner on opening side and bottom of door won't seal. I put gasket in warm water before I installed. I have also took hair dry to gasket. Its like the door is out of wack. And it has play in it. I didn't notice it...
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    795.74025 Kenmore Elite PCB Failed AFTER Universal Compressor Install

    All, I have a Kenmore elite 795.74025 with the dreaded LG linear compressor. I purchased it in October of 2017 and it died on valentines day of 2021. I had a sears technician come out, and they confirmed the compressor had failed. For $550, Sears replaced the compressor with the new Universal...
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    Kenmore Elite model 795.74093.410 fans not running

    Purchased in 2015 and practically new as it was my mother’s and all she had in it was a 12 pack of cokes. It was kept in the garage utility room. It did get hot in there in the summer. I now have this and everything works when I put it in test mode. When test mode ends the fans in the unit shut...
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    Kenmore Elite Washer 796.29272001 won't power on

    I have a Kenmore Elite 796.29272001 that won't power on. Flipped the breaker and tried a known working outlet. Tested the power cord from the wall to the noise filter, 120V. Replaced the noise filter. EAM60930601 Replaced the main control board. EBR62198103 Still the unit will not power...
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    790.49113 Kenmore elite oven/microwave chime

    I just moved in to a house with a kenmore elite oven, but it’s silent. I can not figure out how to turn the chime on. So I never know when it the timer has gone off or the microwave is done. Anyone know how to turn the chime in?
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    665.17483300 Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Wont Start

    Thought it would be smooth sailing after resolving leak issues but now it won't start. All lights work on console, "Cancel" starts drain mode, but other than that, "Start" does nothing. For the past few weeks you had to push the Start several times for it to begin the cycle. Removed and replaced...
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    FIXED 796.31523211 Kenmore Top Loader Fill Slows down after 30 seconds (IE Error)

    I have a Kenmore Elite top loader. I have been getting the IE (Inlet Error) The hoses are clear as are the inlet filters and the water pressure leaving the hoses is fine. When I start a load, the water fills fine for about 20-30 seconds but then "kicks" and the water fills VERY slowly...
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    110.85861400 Wont start, wont run, wont heat.

    The other day my wife dried a load of cloths, nothing odd happened I know of. Went to dry another load machine and machine wouldn't run. Machine lights up, modes work, start button works, no error codes, timer runs down and indicates when finished, seems normal accept not running and heating...
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    795.72493610 Kenmore elite side by side not cooling

    We have a kenmore elite (795.72493610) that has stopped cooling properly. It's 13 months old. The freezer section gets to about 35F top part sits at 65F. I tested the resistance on the compressor. I get about 12 Ohms between the bottom and top left pin. The top right seems to be a dud. I'm not...
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    Kenmore Elite 665.12773K311 not washing and drying well

    We have had our dishwasher for almost 3 years and recently we noticed it not drying very well. Also more food residue is left behind than normal. We've checked the element and high limit switch. Tried checking for error code, but we couldn't get it to work. Any advice for what to try next?
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    FIXED 665.12793K311 Kenmore Elite "Add Dish" Error Code F6 F4

    Hi, I have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher that is stopping during the cycle. The message on the front panel says "Add Dish" and the message on the top panel says "Press Start to Resume". I open and close the door and it wil start again but a few seconds later I get the same message. Any suggestions...
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    Kenmore Elite Dead Start Relay?

    Hi folks, our Kenmore Elite fridge (model 795.78553800) stopped cooling and started clicking and after reading other forums I found information on the start relay being a likely cause. I ordered a new start relay from sears parts direct and what I received looks much different than what was in...
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    795.72043313 Kenmore Elite french door ER IF code

    We are getting the ER IF code, even after unplugging. Many threads suggest checking and/or replacing the ice maker fan. Where is this fan located? Is it still behind the back freezer panel when the ice maker is on the left refrigerator door? Thanks, Regina

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