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kenmore elite

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    Sears Kenmore Elite electric range 970.97473800 Triple Element Issue

    Hello, I recently replaced my triple burner element (part #318297805) on my Kenmore Elite electric range (model 790.97473800) since the "middle" section of this element was not turning on. After replacing it, I'm having the same issue! I believe it has to be something further up in the...
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    Washer Won't Move Onto Next Cycle

    Hello everyone, I'm new here to this site, and honestly to DIY. I'm trying to figure out what my issue is with my washer and I was hoping that everyone here could assist me. My washer recently stopped spinning, and draining its water. When it tries to move on from filling the tub it starts to...
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    Kenmore Elite 795.72053110 Not cooling properly

    Freezer and fridge sections not cooling properly. Temps fluctuates up and down. No frost build up in freezer, so that's not the issue. How can I run diagnostics on this unit? Noticed a little black button on the main board, when pressed...all lights/indicators on the front panel light up and...
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    Kenmore Elite QuietGuard Dishwasher fills with water but will not wash.

    Kenmore Elite QuietGuard Dishwasher fills with water but will not wash. It will hum and then stop and you can smell something. I cancel the cycle and the water drains out. I have taken out the upper and lower arms and have cleaned the filter, etc. This did not help. Any suggestions, I...
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    FIXED 795.72059110 Buzzing Motor Sound (audio attached)

    Our refrigerator began buzzing this morning. It seems to be related to the compressor as it's coming from the back of the unit and spins down when the door is opened or the power is removed and spins back up a few moments after power is restored and the door is shut. It's less than two years...
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    Kenmore Elite Electric Range 790.97473800 display & burner issues

    Hello, recently I started having issues with my Kenmore Elite Electric Range (model #790.97473800). I was hoping for some advice as to what might be wrong and what parts I need to repair this. 1). One of the 7 segment displays that shows the temperature number (Hi thru 9,8,7, etc.) is bad...
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    FIXED 795.72053111 Kenmore refrigerator not dispensing ice

    does anyone know what might be going on. I have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator and the ice maker will not dispense ice. the motor and blades turn but no ice comes out. Ice is stuck in the chute and accumulates blocking the chute. even after cleaning out the ice will not dispense. Any help will be...
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    How to Remove the Top of the Kenmore Elite Dual-fuel Range Model 790.78502013

    The top of most ranges opens easily with a putty knife pushing back two springs between the top and the control panel. Not so this Kenmore. 1. Remove three cooking grates. 2. Remove five burner tops. 3. Using a 3/16 inch socket driver or socket wrench remove the four corner burners. Lift off...
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    Sears Kenmore Elite Microwave: Stainless Steel Quality Issue

    Has anyone had problems with the Stainless Steel on their Kenmore Elite appliances? I have a problem with the stainless steel on my new Kenmore Elite microwave oven (above-the-range microwave oven). We purchased all Kenmore Elite Stainless Steel appliances for our new kitchen just over one...
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    Low Voltage to Ice Maker

    My Kenmore elite side-by-side (model 106.57039601) ice maker stopped working. The indications are: 1) Ice tray was full of ice 2) Black tube not clogged 3) Able to blow air thru the water tube 4) LED lights blink twice and pause, except when the flap on left is held back, in which case they're...
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    FIXED Kenmore Elite Icemaker not filling

    Realized I wasn't getting any ice. I found the fingers in the ice maker frozen in the down position with a little ice in the bottom of the trays. I took the ice maker out, thawed it out and tried it again. The fingers rotated but the tray never filled. I then replaced the ice maker. Still...
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    Kenmore Elite Trio 795.78752800 Ice Maker Very Slow

    I have a Kenmore Elite Trio bottom freezer refrigerator with the ice maker in the door. The water dispenser appears to be working fine, but the ice maker is very slow. It's making ice - there's actually ice in the ice maker now - but it's not making ice very fast. The temperature in the...
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    Help! Kenmore Elite Dishwasher not draining!

    Please help! I have noticed the last few times the dishwasher was not draining well, I cleaned out the filter thinking that may be the problem. It was not, I would just have to hit the cancel drain button. However, today I did that and nothing happened. We just moved into this house a month...
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    no water to kenmore elite ice maker

    my kenmore elite will not make ice. water does not get to the ice maker. the line is clear, the solenoid works and water flows to the ice maker using outside power source. the ice maker itself also works with outside power source. I only get 37.5 volts at the wiring harness going to the ice...
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    FIXED Kenmore Elite compressor fan not working.

    I have a Kenmore Elite side by side which is about 5 years old but just out of warranty. The condensor fan isn't working even when the condenser is running. I replaced the condesor fan with a new one and it still doesn't work. Any suggestions on what the problem could be? Originally the...
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    Air Leak

    I have a Kenmore Elite side by side with the Ice Machine and dispenser in the left door. There is cool air leaking out of the ice dispenser (exterior of door) where the ice comes out for drinks. You can hear the air whistling as it escapes. The the little door is closed, but apparently does not...
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    Kenmore Elite - Side by side - no ice

    Kenmore Elite Model: 106.55603400 Serial: SS2433512 Date: 6-2005 Hello Jake and friends! I really appreciate this forum. Thank you! My ice maker seems to be frozen. :eek: I can hear the motor trying to run. I put my hand on the spindle (or rake) that pushes the ice through and out...
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    Kenmore Elite 596 ice maker not working

    Hi, I have a Kenmore Elite 596 that has quit making ice. Refrigerator works fine and the freezer does as well. I removed the ice maker and found some ice in the inlet valve. There wasn't a lot and it wasn't 100% blocking the tube. There was no ice in the maker. The cold water dispenser in the...
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    Kenmore Elite Dryer - Touchpad/Keypad not responding

    The touchpad is not responding, but when I have been able to nurse it back to life in the past (by unplugging/repeatedly, pushing buttons until it responded), have been able to run the diagnostic keypresses to show that the touchpad panel is okay. The inside dryer light comes on. When it has...
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    Kenmore Elite Dryer Button Sequence Start Procedure

    Can anyone tell me what is the button pushing sequence required to restart the dryer after an extended disconnect from power source? Again it is my sister's dryer so it's not in my basement and I will be translating these steps to her over the phone. Thank you!

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