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kenmore elite

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    Kenmore Elite 665.16693200 long cylce - won't end - runs forever

    I just purchased a foreclosed house, installed my dishwasher (bought on CraigsList for 300bux) ran the Normal + Hi Temp Scrub setting and after running for a solid 2-2.5hrs I saw no end! One thing I didn't do is run the kitchen sink water to hot before I started the dishwasher so I'm guessing...
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    Kenmore elite HE4 110.95862400 wont start

    My Dryer wont start. Lights come on and when I push start it beeps 3 times fast but wont turn on. HELP!!! Kenmore elite HE4 Smartheat Quietpak 9 model: 110.95862400 Front load Gas dryer Thanks!

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