kenmore range

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    FIXED 970-606223 Kenmore Range, burned out wire, where to buy wire harness

    Hi everyone, I have a Kenmore Range, Model No. 970-606223 (Note, someone said that this type is a Canadian version, you cannot find it in the most websites. Also it might be true because I do live in Canada). As you can see that I have L1 (black) wire has been burned out, and H1 (orange, left)...
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    790.41023800 Stove top wont turn on - overheated

    I turned all the burners on my stove-top on at once to help heat my house. I checked on it and everything seemed fine until it just turned itself off and now nothing on the stove-top works. Nothing happens when I push the buttons. The oven is fine. Did it overheat? Is there a fuse that can...
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    Kenmore electric range

    I moved and replaced the kenmore 665.95804000 electric range about 4 years old. I am having the following problems: 1. The back two burners work fine. 2. The front two burners heat two seconds and cool down then few seconds later do the same. They come on and off, so they do not even heat that...
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    [FIXED] Heat shield role and removal for Kenmore 790.75751

    Hi, In the process of trying to replace the oven igniter in my stove (kenmore 790.75751), I dropped a screw down below the shield (part #3200836 or item #40 on page: I tried to remove the shield but only succeeded in unscrewing...
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    Kenmore over not working, but range is.

    When we moved into our house the previous owners left a Kenmore range. After cleaning it up, both the range and the oven were working. However, now on the range is working and the oven will not turn on. Would it be the igniter? If so, what are the next steps to getting it fixed?