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    Kenmore Elite Dryer 110.85087400 Check Lint Screen Light - Won't Start

    Hello All, I am glad I found this forum; so much great info I am stuck with a dryer that turns on, all settings light up but when I press the Start button, it beeps once, does not start and the Check lint Screen Light flashes I searched other sites, that had helpful info but it is not resolved I...
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    Kenmore Ice Machine not working

    I have recently bought a house with a refrigerator that is not producing ice. I am trying to ID what is going on it with, but am a bit stumped. The first issue is that I am not positive on the model of the refrigerator, so that will make the process of finding parts for this issue difficult...
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    Kenmore Series 500 Wash plate will not agitate

    Model Number: 110.25132411 The washer will fill water, spin, drain, but washplate will not agitate. The wash plate will not spin freely by itself. If I try to turn the washplate the whole basket turns too, so I say the washplate is secured to the transmission. I manually closed the switch and...
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    Sears/Kenmore Stacked Washer & Dryer 417.93872200 Year 2002

    I have an all in one unit - washer/dryer Kenmore Sears stacked unit, gas. The dryer is fine. The washer will run a load and then during the spin cycle not all the water will be removed and the clothes will still be wet. Wet enought that you can ring water out of them. I have replaced the lid...
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    kenmore 110.66662500 timer not working

    I've been working on my kenmore 110.66662500 dryer and I cannot figure out why the cycle will not progress. I use the knit/delicate setting and it will not advance. I have replaced the timer itself, the cut off thermostat, the thermal fuse, and the main thermostat. But nothing is fixing the...
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    110.47789700 Kenmore Elite HE5t front load washer terrible sound at the end of spin cycle

    Hello, Can someone please help me to identify the issue ? Kenmore washer ('07, Model Kenmore Elite HE5t Model 110.47789700) makes banging sound at the end of the spinning cycle It spins ok even at high rpm and does that banging sound like a motorcycle at the end of spin Video is here Thank you
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    Kenmore washer 110.29432800 not spinning

    Hi! My washer isn’t spinning. I still can hear it’s running but just not turning. I checked the bottom of the washer. The coupler seems intact - not broken or worn. The clutch has resistance and it rotates when the washer is in spin mode. Basically the metal bar of transmission does not spin...
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    Is this vintage Sears good?

    Model number C-968, I think made by Moffat/Camco. Someone giving it for free. How old is it? Is it reliable, easy to repair and easy to find part? I have Frigidaire range made in early 2000s, would the parts exchangeable?
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    Is this vintage dryer good?

    Sears Kenmore, unknown model number, extra capacity, heavy duty, fabric master. Being sold on craiglist for $40. How old is this and is it good machine? How easy to repair & find parts?
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    Kenmore 110.81452710 Stacked Washer/Dryer won't fill, blinks "Time remaining"

    Hello all! I have the above mentioned unit, and it will not fill and start. I got it used, so I don't know the exact age of the unit. Symptom is, after power on, press start (any cycle), it will open the water valve and let a tiny splash of water in, then it will shut the water off, beep, and...
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    Kenmore 790.73232311 oven not working

    Stovetop works great. Gas releases and igniter ignites the gas. The oven, however, is another story as of dinnertime tonight. The over stopped working entirely.. the igniter is not glowing and, even though I turned it on, there is no gas smell coming from oven and I even put a burning piece...
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    Kenmore model 417.24182301 front load washer won't agitate or spin

    Hi, this is an old washer and we would like to repair it as a new washer is not within budget right now. Here is what I've done so far to test it. I'm thinking its the motor control board, but would like someone to confirm. Motor testing. 6-pin plug, ohm readings 3.0 between first 3 set of...
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    Need help with Kenmore Washer 110.22102310 series 400 - washer continues to cycle

    Hi! I think this has been addressed somewhere before (by Jake, no less) but I couldn't find the thread. Kenmore washer series 400 model 110.22102310. The washer continues to cycle, filling with water and won't stop until manually stopped. I think I saw it's a timer that needs to be replaced...
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    796.71512210 Kenmore elite dryer what regulator do I need?

    Hello everyone I need some help I'm converting my Kenmore elite dryer from natural gas to LP gas propane so I was wondering what propane regulator do I need to put to my propane tank?? According to google a dryer use 20,000 to 22,000 BTU so my propane regulator how much does it have to be...
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    790.80379310 Kenmore Microwave Tripping Breaker

    2014 Kenmore model 790.80379310 is on a 20amp breaker, breaker is shared with lightly used living room (overhead light, PC/Monitor/Printer) plugged in but not in use when breaker trips. Breaker trips in spurts, will be fine for days/weeks then will trip multiple times in one day. Trips when...
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    FIXED 110.72332512 Kenmore Dryer series 200 solenoid not opening.

    I purchased a Kenmore series 200 gas dryer new, from Home Depot. The unit was delivered to my freight forwarded and shipped to me in Fiji. The trip took almost 10 months. Upon arrival, there was no visible damage to the box. Upon trying to get it going I needed to switch it over for propane...
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    790.94142310 Kenmore Range/Oven - Digital Temp/Clock Reader Not Working

    I have an Electric Kenmore Oven, Model No: 790.94142310 Range works and oven works, sort of. The digital Clock does not show up and I am not able to reset it. I can turn the oven on but the temp only increases by single digits and only goes up to 287°F. However, I know for sure that the oven...
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    Kenmore Elite Window AC 42_77127 Parts

    I have a 2017 Kenmore Elite 42_77127 window AC. I know it's a rebadged LG, but I'm having issues finding which LG model is equivalent, and finding parts in general. I've got the compressor stuck on, even when powered off, so I am assuming a new control board is in order. Anyone help point me in...
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    111.73025711 Kenmore fridge not cooling, freezer is fine

    Our fridge stop cooling a while back and we had an appliance guy come take a look. He immediately concluded it was the control board. He said he couldn't find the parts and that because it was made in Korea, they would probably discontinue making that part. We were about to buy a new fridge...
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    Kenmore Dishwasher 665.13743K601 Clean light still stuck in 7 blink cycle after replacing heating element - can't reset

    Hi there. The dishwasher stopped working and presented with the clean light 7 blink cycle that I've since come to learn indicates an issue with heating. I checked the heating element with a multimeter and it didn't register at all so I replaced it. But after reassembly I'm still presented...

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