1. J

    790.94204310 Kenmore electric range random power loss

    My Kenmore electric range model #790.94204310 recently started randomly losing complete power (clock and all) and turning back on within a minute. Does this sound like the controller? I have also noticed that the convection fan is much louder than when we bought the stove. I'm not sure if these...
  2. L

    911.41089991 Kenmore Oven Will Not Heat Consistently

    My Kenmore Oven Model 911.41089991 will not heat consistently. The Broiler works fine. When I set the Bake temperature, it sometimes gets to temperature just as it should, the bake element comes on and glows red, gets to temperature and stays there. I've had it work through several cycles of...
  3. L

    Kenmore Washer 417.48102701 beeping

    Hi, I found a thread related to the kenmore unit 417.48102701 beeping when not running and see that it's the control panel that needs to be replaced. My question is how dangerous is it too wait to replace it? My husband is going out of town and won't be able to replace it for a few months. Is...
  4. R

    Kenmore elite 795 not making a lot of ice

    My Kenmore Elite model #795.72043.112 the ice maker is only making a few cubes of ice and dumping into the tray. There's no kinks in the back of the fridge with the water lines and I did a reset of the ice maker but that still isn't working. Any other ideas are appreciated.
  5. J

    Help fixing ice dispenser, Kenmore 106.58146801

    Hi! I registered for the forum because I needed help (clearly), and I was impressed by the knowledge & helpfulness I saw here. I didn't see a thread that specifically addressed my problem, but I searched around and got a lot of pointers from related threads. So: We just bought a house with a...
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    795.72062.112 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator 2013 humming/vibrating

    Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Model 795.72062.112 Year 2013 For about 6 months, the refrigerator hums/vibrates fairly loudly about every 15 minutes for lengths of 5 minutes or so then silence, then repeat. The unit is not touching any walls or counters. If it is a fan issue, would it be the one...
  7. W

    FIXED 106.51789413 Kenmore Refrigerator - Trying to Troubleshoot Defrost Problem

    Fridge: 1.5 year old Side-by-Side Kenmore 51789 (seems to be a Whirlpool model?) Service Sheet: W10670778 A Over the last couple of days, I’ve noticed my fridge and freezer were slowly getting less and less cold, with the fridge seemingly doing worst at keeping cold. Looking at the freezer, I...
  8. J

    795.73157.610 Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator Not Cooling

    Hello again! I have a Kenmore Elite French Door that will not cool at all (Model# 795.73157.610). The compressor and fan is coming on in the back, all of the fans in the cabinet seem to be working properly, yet it is not cooling. Somewhere along the line someone put one of those bullet...
  9. B

    630.13913011 Kenmore Dishwasher Stops All Cycles After 2 Minutes

    Hello. My dishwasher stopped working about a week ago. At first it was just the Smart wash that didn’t work, but if I changed the cycle type I could get it to work. Now, all cycles complete after about two minutes. I can hear pumps working But the washer is dry when I open the door which means...
  10. S

    790.49533312 Kenmore Double Wall Oven - Top oven won’t stay hot

    Hoping to get some help- so glad to find this place. I have a Kenmore electric double wall oven, model 790.49533312- I think it might be about 8 years old. Unfortunately, the top oven will heat up to temp, but won’t stay warm. When I select ‘bake’ it gets up to temp, and then immediately allows...
  11. D

    795.71303011 Kenmore Fridge error code: ER FF

    Hello everyone, I have this Kenmore Fridge model (no. 79571303011); top portion fridge and bottom is freezer, I had it for about 8 years now. Recently we got this error code (ER FF) displaying on the screen in the fridge section; I noticed the fridge wasn't cooling when this code was displayed...
  12. A

    790.97463801 Kenmore Range - Cancel/Clear button on touchpad doesnt respond.

    Hi I have a Kenmore electric range model #790.97463801. All buttons on touchpad respond except the cancel/clear button. I am able to use bake and broil but have to turn the oven off at circuit breaker to end the process. I am not sure if touchpad needs to be replaced or the main control...
  13. J

    110.66712694 Kenmore 70s Series Dryer Timer Not Advancing

    I'm working with my Whirlpool-made 70s series electric dryer (model number 110.66712694). My initial problem was that the timer would not advance, and the element would not heat. I replaced the timer and replaced the thermostat and thermal cutoff fuses and wires. While the element heats up...
  14. A

    106.51763510 Kenmore Fridge ice maker issue.

    Model: 106.51763510 Ice Maker fill hose keeps freezing up, replaced the water valve and bypassed the water filter. still freezing up. may need a tech sheet or wiring diagram. I'm thinking there's a heater circuit in there, can't chase it down for the lack of a tech sheet & wiring diagram...
  15. S

    106.70832100 Sears Kenmore Coldspot - Ice maker is dripping and getting worse

    The ice maker in my Kenmore Coldspot ice maker starting dripping several months ago. It started as just a single strand of frozen drip, but as you can see it is growing and is now thicker and dripping in more than one location. The frozen drip also contains a brownish substance. It is still...
  16. M

    FIXED 2010 Kenmore Coldspot Ice Maker Not Working ~ Model 106.54789803

    2010 Kenmore Coldspot Ice Maker Not Working ~ Model 106.54789803 I would like help in troubleshooting why the ice maker won't work. Water is ON at the wall, and comes out of the water dispenser. The light sensor blinks twice when engaged (when I push the left-side flap back (to simulate the...
  17. O

    110.46462501 Kenmore Washer cycle won't start

    Hello, My 110.46462501 Kenmore cycle won't start. After I push for the load to start, the door locks (I hear the click) then nothing happens/the cycle won't start. I was troubleshooting with the manual and did the following error code test: Select any one key (except STOP) follow the steps...
  18. D

    FIXED 970-550331 Kenmore Side by Side Fridge Ice Maker issues

    Hello all! New to this form and looking for help! Just moved into my house a year ago and ice make in the fridge worked up until a month ago. Just stopped making ice? The following is what I've checked Proved water line to ice maker clear. Hairdryer to inlet to try and thaw Thought it was...
  19. L

    110.68092700 Kenmore Elite F40 code now F2 code

    So my Kenmore elite dryer stopped working last week and gave me an f40 code. I removed the panel and smelled as if the board had a burning smell. I replaced part# W10111616 with part number 3978982 and upon trying to start the dryer; it acted as if it wanted to start but instead made a clicking...
  20. F

    110.72802101 Kenmore Gas Dryer heats, then turns off, then turns on again. (Igniter flame turns on then off)

    Hey, I have a Kenmore gas dryer and the igniter and the flame turns on, but after some seconds it turns off, then it turns on itself (it lits back on). I changed my coil and cleaned all the vents but it still keeps happening. Is it a thermostat problem?