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    110.72802101 Kenmore Gas Dryer heats, then turns off, then turns on again. (Igniter flame turns on then off)

    Hey, I have a Kenmore gas dryer and the igniter and the flame turns on, but after some seconds it turns off, then it turns on itself (it lits back on). I changed my coil and cleaned all the vents but it still keeps happening. Is it a thermostat problem?
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    110.72872101 Kenmore 80 Washer topload, no longer spins

    Good afternoon everyone, I was wondering if I could have some tech support on my washing machine. It has been acting up recently and it's becoming frustrating. The machine has issues spinning and agitating. I'd load it full of clothes and select the cycle, pull out the knob and it wouldn't do...
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    Kenmore Range 790.94203310 - Keypad Unresponsive

    My oven stopped heating. Both elements at the same time. Checked them both with a multimeter, and both checked out alright. Also checked the temperature sensor, and that checked out ok. I moved onto replacing the control board, and it powers up no problem, but I am unable to set the clock to...
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    110.85866400 Kenmore Dryer heard the beep and a "POP" sound along with a burnt electrical smell

    110.85866400 Kenmore Dryer heard the beep and a "POP" sound along with a burnt electrical smell Hello everyone, I am in need of some appliance help. I have a Kenmore Dryer M#110.85866400 and it was not working. Originally, I threw a load of wet clothes in and pressed the button, heard the beep...
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    665.13222N412 Wash Motor Won't Start - F8 Fuse 33 Ohms

    Wash motor stopped running. I've got the front pulled off. I tested F8 using the front leads and it read 33 Ohms which I believe means it needs to be replaced. Where is the motor fuse???? I tried to track the lead wire but that wire harness is confusing.
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    970-687623 Kenmore (Frigidaire) Electric Oven slow to preheat

    Oven now takes extremely long to pre heat. Previously would take 15 minutes to preheat to 350 degrees. Now it wil take 45 minutes and only get to 233 degrees. The display box shows a solid red line on the bottom for 50 seconds then a broken red line on the top for 10 seconds. I have done the...
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    110.28902790 Neverending rinse cycle on Kenmore 90 series

    Hi there! So I have an old 90 series washing machine that's started to get intermittent washing success. What sometimes happens is that it gets stuck midway through the rinse cycle and instead of proceeding to the spin cycle it will just pour water down the drain- sometimes all night and until...
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    665.15972992 Kenmore dishwasher drain pump will not turn off

    Old Kenmore Elite, repaired many times. During the drain cycle, the water moves fine, but the pump won't turn off when complete. This occurs at the end of the wash cycles and the quick rinse cycle. The pump is fine. I'm assuming there is some type of sensor that detects when the water in the...
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    Kenmore 665.16829 Unable to remove bottom filter/chopper guard. Need to clean under it

    The unit is leaving a lot of debris and film on dishes and I am sure this is the problem. I have removed the spray arm assembly, and got all of the hex screws out of the filter unit (WP8519553 is the OEM part#) but now I cannot remove that part. It appears to be held in place by the unit that...
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    665.14753N511 Kenmore Elite Ultraclean, sometimes stops mid cycle

    This dishwasher is babied, it is 2 years just out of warranty. We are retired, with no kids left at home. Just my wife and I, so since it was new, it only gets used, once or twice a week. We have always rinsed our dishes until basically they are clean. It started doing this about a month ago...
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    592.85610-0 Kenmore Microwave no heat

    Hi there! Our microwave (Model# 85610 and 529.85610-0) stopped heating food. It's a microwave/range hood combo. Everything else works. No sparks or weird noises. It even sounds like it's cooking. We unplugged it and replugged it and it worked for another day or so and now nothing again. I'm not...
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    106.56922600 Icemaker problem Kenmore refrigerator

    Picture attached. Wondering if you might have an answer before I take the thing out. Problem: Water is not running into the icemaker. It's running into the ice bin and pouring out the front. When I run my finger down the little trough to the icemaker, all I feel at the end is a plastic piece...
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    110.28882790 Clothes washer won't drain/spin

    I have a Kenmore 80 series clothes washer that won't drain or spin; however, it will agitate. I have verified nothing is clogging the hoses. The lid switch is still clicking and is completely intact (not splitting apart). My question is how to determine whether the problem is the drain pump or...
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    592.891070 Kenmore Front Loading No heat

    Hey Guys, I am new here and trying to get my dryer working. So i originally had took it apart and seen that the element had several breaks in it. I had replaced the element got it back together and it start to work, but barely. I reopened the thing and noticed i had grounded out the element on...
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    417.43142200 Spin Problems after suspension spring failure

    Problem: after 1 of the two suspension springs broke, washer will not enter fast final spin mode Attempted solutions: - Replaced both springs; washer agitates but does not enter final spin so clothes come out soaking wet - Replaced door lock mechanism; believed faulty door lock could be...
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    417.61712510 Dryer Codes E51 E71 EA3

    Working on a Kenmore 61712 stacked washer and dryer combo. Purchased it used very cheap almost a year ago for a rental, never had issues, until now. The dryer starts to run for about 2-3 seconds and then shuts off. This unit is installed outside in a carport, it has a roof covering it from...
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    796.3151 Washer won't fill - pressure switch?

    My 5 year old Kenmore Elite Top Loading won't fill. I may have narrowed it down to the pressure switch but want someone more experienced to confirm for me. I had read online that when I connect my multi-meter set for resistance to these two outside terminals (as shown in photo) I should get a...
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    FIXED 110.60942990 Kenmore Elite - On going overheating issues

    Short version - I'm regularly tripping the Heating Element Thermal Cut Off, even after replacing multiple parts. Kenmore Elite 110.60942990 Electric Clothes Dryer Long Version -About a year ago I had no heat, tested and verified the heater element was bad. Replaced that and all was well...
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    665.13542 Kenmore circulation pump very inconsistent on starting

    I'm about to lose my mind with this. Cannot for the life of me troubleshoot it! About 2 months ago, our Kenmore Elite, at 14 months of age, started operating very inconsistently. We start a cycle, and the drain pump activates and works, then the hot water fills, then about 50% of the time it...
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    Kenmore 790.72313013 gas range heats slowly - replaced igniter 2x

    My 7yo gas range is slow to heat and tops out at about 390 degrees. I replaced the oven igniter but it did not help. I had a Sears guy out, he said the part was bad, so I replaced it again with one from a different website than the previous one. I still have the problem. The igniter and oven...