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    795.76203901 Er FF error code on Kenmore fridge

    Before we left for one month vacation we turned icemaker off (also water to fridge). Came home, turned water and icemaker back on. Icemaker was very slow to make cubes (about 6 to 8 at a time, only half tray would fill) so a few days later I pressed "ULTRA" ice only to get the Er FF error code...
  2. M

    FIXED 110.78890100 Dryer blowing circuit, power cord hot and melted

    I have an "RV dryer" -- i.e., it is 120 volts for running in an RV or at a camp site. It is a Kenmore "Portable Dryer Model Series 88901" "Lady Kenmore Heavy Duty". I'll attach some pics. This has run really well and drys great. However recently it has started blowing the circuit it is on...
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    Kenmore 106.61982107 freezer yes, fridge no

    Hey there, my freezer is working, but fridge I would say hardly at all. This fridge worked perfectly last summer, then was off for 6 months, and now nothing. Any ideas? Freezer works great, but fridge not so much. I dropped the fridge stat to off, then ranked up and I hear a small tstat...
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    795.72595710 MAC Address for Smart Appliance

    I can't seem to find a way to look up the MAC address on my Sears Kenmore wifi enabled fridge. Any insight?
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    630.12913314 Kenmore Elite Dishwasher smells musky, stale, and like grey water

    I've had this dishwasher since September 2016. I've had the problem since November 2016, and have been calling the repair men and google searching remedies since. It is actually a Bosch, stainless steel both exterior and interior. Blue interior lights. The problem I'm having is that the...
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    580.54701700 Kenmore Dehumidifier

    Hi all, I stupidly bought a used dehumidifier for cheap: $20 for a 70-pint Kenmore. Seemed perfect for my needs, since I really don't have any issues with groundwater and really only need the appliance for the summer months to prevent mold in my basement. Given the price, I didn't ask too many...
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    795.71026010 Kenmore Ice Room Door will not shut

    Hello, I have a Kenmore model 795.71026010 refrigerator and the ice room door will not shut. When I open the left refrigerator door the ice room door will be open and it will not close properly. It will stay shut for around two seconds, then it will pop out. I have cleaned the gasket and still...
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    665.15919001 Kenmore Dishwasher Flapper

    I am repairing my Kenmore dishwasher and the rubber flap down by the food masher assembly is torn with the flap somewhere inside the unit. The reason for the repair is that the dishwasher did not wash and made a buzzing sound when turned on. I don't know if the torn rubber flap that I believe...
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    Kenmore 596.66253401 - Freezer working, Fridge not getting cold

    Hello kind strangers, My Kenmore's fridge portion is not getting cold. The freezer is working like a champ, but the cold air does not seem to be reaching the fridge portion. What I have already done: -opened up the back and cleaned the vents and fans -placed hand on compressor and it is very...
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    665.13213K901 Detergent door not opening

    Hello, I need assistance with my dishwasher. You guys have helped me in the past with diagnostics. Your knowledge has been incredible with some very difficult issues. Being a DIY single women with just enough knowledge to get me in trouble, you have been an invaluable resource for me and I...
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    796.40441900 Washer stops towards end of cycle with 14 min left

    We have a Kenmore front load washing machine, model 796.40441900. The last time it failed to complete a full cycle we had seen before it powered off that it had about 14min to go till it was done. Clothes are soaking wet some suds and suds in the detergent tray. We thought the first few times...
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    FIXED 790.74403995 Kenmore Left Aux Oven (smaller) not heating up/turning on

    Hello, My left oven smaller aux oven is not working. The lower element sparked and I replaced it with a new one from searspartsdirect. It's about 10 years old and works great, except for this aux oven. Can the thermal fuse be the problem? I checked it for continuity and it looked like it was ok...
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    795.78403804 Water Dispenser Yes, Ice No

    Have a Kenmore 795.78403.804 The ice tray won't fill with water. The dispenser on the door still works. If you fill the ice trays manually, they make and dump ice, but don't fill back up. I don't mind digging/replacing, just not sure where to start on this one, the fact that the water still...
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    106.60834100 Kenmore fridge cools intermittently

    Hi, my fridge will cool then shut off and come back on intermittently. Throughout the day I might have to turn the control knob off and turn it back up so it will turn back on and cool again. I was thinking this might be the thermostat but want to confirm as parts aren't returnable.
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    Kenmore HE2 Powers on but doesn’t start

    Our kenmore he2 gave the error message of f21 a couple days ago and was full of water, so we cleaned the trap (which was FILLED with gunk so we figured that was the issue) and used the shop vac to get out the excess water. but I just tried to do a load today and it won’t work. I can power the...
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    721.61289100 Kenmore Microwave with no heat

    Title should have been "Kenmore Microwave with no heat"... sorry. I've been a tech for years so I'm aware of precautions around HV items. I'm not, however, a microwave oven tech, more just general electronics. This microwave died about 5 years ago and I found a "donor" almost exact model so I...
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    110.60052991 Kenmore Elite Dryer board does Not light up to choose OR run a Cycle

    So ,YES, I also got the BEEP of death, it started a few years ago, but the dryer still dried, and the beep would go away, and the dryer would work as "normal" or usual. this would happen on occasion, but again, it dried, and it would go away again. I have replaced the thermal Fuse once myself...
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    FIXED 795.79783902 Kenmore Elite In Door Icemaker not filling with water

    I would appreciate any assistance in troubleshooting and fixing this issue. I have a Sears Kenmore Elite three door fridge model 795.79783.902. It has ice and water in the door. The water in the door works and dispenses water with good pressure and switches to dispensing ice if there is any...
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    665.16019403 Kenmore Ultra Wash Quiet Guard 3 touchpad buttons not responding

    Currently having a problem selecting different cycles on the touchpad. The lights illuminate, however there is no availability to change the cycle from Pots and Pans or Quick Rinse. Normal Wash and Light Wash cannot be selected. I've attempted the reset (Hold Heated Dry for 5 seconds until...
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    FIXED Kenmore Coldpoint 106.70219410 evaporator fan turning slowly

    The fan in the freezer section of the refrigerator (evaporator fan?) turns at about 20 rpm... Thinking that all I need is a new fan but some of the other posts about this issue suggest that there may be a control unit for the system as well. This is a pretty plain vanilla system (and no, I have...