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    106.60834100 Kenmore fridge cools intermittently

    Hi, my fridge will cool then shut off and come back on intermittently. Throughout the day I might have to turn the control knob off and turn it back up so it will turn back on and cool again. I was thinking this might be the thermostat but want to confirm as parts aren't returnable.
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    Kenmore HE2 Powers on but doesn’t start

    Our kenmore he2 gave the error message of f21 a couple days ago and was full of water, so we cleaned the trap (which was FILLED with gunk so we figured that was the issue) and used the shop vac to get out the excess water. but I just tried to do a load today and it won’t work. I can power the...
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    721.61289100 Kenmore Microwave with no heat

    Title should have been "Kenmore Microwave with no heat"... sorry. I've been a tech for years so I'm aware of precautions around HV items. I'm not, however, a microwave oven tech, more just general electronics. This microwave died about 5 years ago and I found a "donor" almost exact model so I...
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    110.60052991 Kenmore Elite Dryer board does Not light up to choose OR run a Cycle

    So ,YES, I also got the BEEP of death, it started a few years ago, but the dryer still dried, and the beep would go away, and the dryer would work as "normal" or usual. this would happen on occasion, but again, it dried, and it would go away again. I have replaced the thermal Fuse once myself...
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    FIXED 795.79783902 Kenmore Elite In Door Icemaker not filling with water

    I would appreciate any assistance in troubleshooting and fixing this issue. I have a Sears Kenmore Elite three door fridge model 795.79783.902. It has ice and water in the door. The water in the door works and dispenses water with good pressure and switches to dispensing ice if there is any...
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    665.16019403 Kenmore Ultra Wash Quiet Guard 3 touchpad buttons not responding

    Currently having a problem selecting different cycles on the touchpad. The lights illuminate, however there is no availability to change the cycle from Pots and Pans or Quick Rinse. Normal Wash and Light Wash cannot be selected. I've attempted the reset (Hold Heated Dry for 5 seconds until...
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    FIXED Kenmore Coldpoint 106.70219410 evaporator fan turning slowly

    The fan in the freezer section of the refrigerator (evaporator fan?) turns at about 20 rpm... Thinking that all I need is a new fan but some of the other posts about this issue suggest that there may be a control unit for the system as well. This is a pretty plain vanilla system (and no, I have...
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    FIXED 110.22982100 Kenmore: Loud Banging After Spin Cycle

    Hey, I'm having trouble with my Kenmore washer and need some help. The washer runs just fine until it gets to the very end of the spin cycle. As soon as the spin cycle stops and the washer begins slowing down, there is a loud banging noise. It sounds like someone running along a wood fence with...
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    253.28452801 Kenmore freezer erratic control panel & erratic running

    Kenmore upright, auto defrost freezer 253.28452801, mfg'd 06/2008. What I'd like is to verify which components are bad - if possible, instead of just replacing parts & see it it works. One morning the power loss & door ajar lights were on. The door wasn't ajar - nothing wrong w/ gaskets. It...
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    Kenmore dishwasher wont fill.

    I had to pull my dishwasher out because of a dam rat. When i did the wires that go to the water valve caught on something and were ripped apart. When i first saw it, it looked like 1 wire had broke , so i spliced it back together. When the dishwasher wouldn't work i soon figured out each wire...
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    110.26892690 Kenmore model 80 Leaking washer

    Our model 80 washer leaks while filling. I removed cabinet. Water runs from middle Down metal strip to spring and drips to floor. Inlet hoses are not leaking. Any suggestions.
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    795.69679902 Refrigerator Humidity not steady

    Our six year old Kenmore top freezer refrigerator is no longer cooling the refrigerator compartment consistently. Temperatures will vary between 38 to 65 degrees during the day and drop to 30 degrees during the night. The humidity fluctuates greatly, and will rise within minutes if the door is...
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    1959 Kenmore wall oven model 103.30481

    We are removing a 1959 Kenmore oven. The door came apart and the insulation fell out. What type of insulation was used in these ovens, fiberglass or, I'm hoping not, asbestos? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    630.12643611 Setting up dishwasher for first time - need help!!!

    So everything is set up and we want to try a cycle. We follow the instructions but when we close the door it just turns off. Screen goes blank and nothing happens. Somehow my dad just got a cycle started but the LCD screen didn't light up when he closed the door; is that normal? Is it just not...
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    I replaced my Kenmore refrigerator ice maker assembly, but now ice isn't being made.

    I replaced my ice maker assembly after I found that the plastic ice tray inside the assembly was cracked, and water was leaking into the dispenser and freezing there. Now the new unit is not making ice and I was wondering if there was a way that I had to activate the ice maker so it would start...
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    Kenmore Coldspot 106.58726800 fridge not cooling

    Hello, I have a Kenmore Coldspot 106.58726800 that isn't cooling. The fridge is a stainless steel side by side with ice maker. I received it for free from a guy that said the fridge wouldn't cool after a power outage. I assumed the problem was most likely the starter relay. I have purchased...
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    FIXED 795.74023411 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator ER RF Error Code and Ice Build Up Behind Deli Trays

    Hello - I have a Kenmore Elite 795.74023411 French Door/Bottom Freezer Refrigerator that is roughly two years old. I recently (about two months ago) noticed ice build up behind the fresh foods/deli drawers on the bottom left of the fridge. Then about two weeks ago I noticed it sounded as if a...
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    Kenmore elite dryer

    Dryer only dries in medium / delicate setting
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    110.72992101 Kenmore Elite dryer isn't drying/firing.

    Like the name of the topic says: my Kenmore dryer isn't drying, all of a sudden. When I turn it on, usually is spins around for a few minutes, then there's the "woosh" kinda sound, and the burner(?) fires up, and things get warm. Not so much, lately. No woosh, no warm. :wall: I'm SO glad I...
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    Kenmore Chest Freezer 12502 Brand new, light only turns on in 'off' position

    I recently bought a Kenmore Chest Freezer model 12502. I plugged it in with the thermostat at the 'mid' setting. The green light came on and I could here it working. A day later, the green light was off and the freezer was not cold or running. Now, when I turn the thermostat between the 'min'...