1. S

    665.13562K700 Flashing 'clean' light

    Hi, We've had this flashing clean light problem for about 2 weeks. When it starts, somewhere during the cycle, we reset the control panel, the machine goes through it's cycle and turns off. When we run another load of dishes, the same thing happens during the cycle (I haven't determined...
  2. Z

    FIXED 795.71063010 Ice maker issues

    Hello, I hope someone can help out. I have kenmore fridge with ice maker problems. One day, all of a sudden, the fridge would not make any ice. Few months later, I decide to get someone from service to check it out. The guy came and said that the ice maker needs to be replaced because it's it's...
  3. M

    363.9550610 Not cooling, everything running

    I have a Kenmore side by side. it takes 4.5 ounces of r134A and that is what I added. after a 1500 mile move with a shipping company, it would not cool. First repairman said it was low on freon and recharged it. Worked great for almost a year then slowly started to not cool aw well. Second...
  4. D

    363.9752784 Kenmore refrigerator stopped working - no lights, no compressor, no fan

    I moved a Kenmore refrigerator (freezer on top) from my wife's old condo to the garage at our house about half a mile away. It was working fine at the condo for many years without issue. I plugged it into the GFCI protected outlet in our garage and it turned on and seemed to be working. The...
  5. L

    Kenmore Dual Fuel Range Model Number Missing

    Bottom line: I need help finding the model number and ultimately need to know how to remove the door and/or how to find an Owner's Manual. I have a Kenmore Dual Fuel Range which we purchased in 2004. It has been a wonderful workhorse for lots of dinner parties, and then the oven door began to...
  6. B

    Kenmore 417.43142300 trap missing?

    Hi, we seem to have an issue with our front loader. In the spin cycle, it spins pretty fast, but not really hauling the mail like we think it used to. All cycles work fine except this one. It does seem to have trouble balancing the load for a good spin. The worst is the other day when we were...
  7. M

    795.72053 Kenmore French Door buzzing after compressor replacement

    Just bought a house that came with this Kenmore 795.72053 french door refrigerator and chest freezer. Fridge was essentially new when we moved in (less than a month old). After living here for about 2 months, the fridge started buzzing continuously progressively getting louder over the course of...
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    796.40512900 Front loader drains fine sometimes, other times not

    It shows error code OE, which tells me what I know. I've checked for obstructions and kinks, cleaned out the pump motor (it had a lot of greasy gunk in it), but still no luck. Logic tells me that either the pump motor is failing and should be replaced (though sometimes it works fine), or there's...
  9. F

    253.70313214 Water dispenser and ice maker not functioning

    Numerous troubleshooting steps tried/detailed, HELP! :confused: 2 days ago, my fridge/freezer was making a persistent knocking noise. At this time, the ice maker had not been working for maybe a week (this happens intermittently). I unpluged the fridge for a few minutes, knocking noise...
  10. E

    106.52203100 Kenmore Coldspot constantly needing to be manually defrosted and not cooling

    My Kenmore Coldspot has been having the coils in the freezer get iced over causing the fridge and freezer to not cool properly. We can turn it off and defrost it ourselves and it will start working again for a week or so until it gets frosted up again. What is possibly causing this and how can I...
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    Kenmore Elite 665.12773K311 squealing on drain

    I have a 3 year old Kenmore Elite I stopped working. When I start it it has a loud squealing noise It does it then stops and does it. Then gives up. I did pull apart an check in-side. No issues with filters. even with out still makes noise from something under. I did a rinse only cycle...
  12. B

    417.88042700 Dryer runs and stops after 5-10 minutes

    My dryer will run for 5-10 minutes then shut off with the 4 lights flashing rapidly. I read through questions and answers on here and decided to replace the thermistor. After I replaced it I ran 4 loads through the dryer with no issue. On the 5th load same deal as before. I have tried a couple...
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    FIXED 110.96581120 Kenmore electric dryer stopped; won't start

    Our 220 VAC dryer began stopping in the middle of a cycle a few days ago, but would re-start and complete the cycle. Today, it stopped in mid-cycle and won't restart on any cycle, even after cooling down for 1+ hours. I've tried: - Cleaning any lint out of all the internal and external duct...
  14. J

    110.66742501 Dryer not heating or stopping

    I have a Kenmore 70 series which does not heat or stop drying on a timed dry. All of this seems to have happened at once, so I'm pretty sure it is one issue. Any suggestions?
  15. S

    FIXED 363.58042891 Kenmore Side By Side intermittently makes short buzzing sound

    Hello, I have a Kenmore side by side fridge that works fine but it has been making an intermittent buzzing sound lately. It started out making the noise every once in a while but has become more frequent over the last few weeks. It now occurs about every 30 or 45 minutes and lasts for about 7-10...
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    FIXED 795.72053110 Kenmore Elite not Cooling after Power Outage

    We have a Kenmore French door / bottom freezer - Model 795.72053110 that we purchased in 2012. We just came back from vacation and discovered the power had gone out for a few hours and the refrigerator was running but not cooling anymore. The compressor is running but only slightly warm...
  17. M

    110.25102310 Kenmore 500 series top load washer, Drain error code

    My washer wasn't ringing the clothes out completely and would stop at the spin cycle. I went through the codes and it came up saying "long drain time". I cleaned out the drain house with a vacuum and ran the automatic test and no more codes came up. I got out of diagnostic mode and tried to run...
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    110.47561603 Leaky Front-Loading Kenmore HE Washer

    Hello, Our Kenmore front loading washer has been leaking from under the bottom center portion of the door. I checked the seal and cleaned out any hair and gunk that was trapped in there. I looked for any sort of tears or cuts in the seal but didn't notice any. I also used a Q-Tip to clean...
  19. L

    Kenmore 417.48112701 - Unlocking and Locking during cycle

    Good day, I am sure this has been asked before, but I cannot find my exact problem in the forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My Kenmore washer was doing the normal blinky leds for some time. I was able to get it to subside for a while by unplugging the machine for a few. However...
  20. D

    Kenmore washing machine 110.28832700 - Fills but won't start agitating

    The washing machine fills up with water but will not start agitating, i have to push down or down and forward on the lid for it to start. After that i don't have any other problems