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    110.47561603 Leaky Front-Loading Kenmore HE Washer

    Hello, Our Kenmore front loading washer has been leaking from under the bottom center portion of the door. I checked the seal and cleaned out any hair and gunk that was trapped in there. I looked for any sort of tears or cuts in the seal but didn't notice any. I also used a Q-Tip to clean...
  2. L

    Kenmore 417.48112701 - Unlocking and Locking during cycle

    Good day, I am sure this has been asked before, but I cannot find my exact problem in the forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My Kenmore washer was doing the normal blinky leds for some time. I was able to get it to subside for a while by unplugging the machine for a few. However...
  3. D

    Kenmore washing machine 110.28832700 - Fills but won't start agitating

    The washing machine fills up with water but will not start agitating, i have to push down or down and forward on the lid for it to start. After that i don't have any other problems
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    FIXED Kenmore no spin, wash or drain

    Hey Guys and Girls. I have a washer that wont spin drain or agitate itself.... Just agitates me... Anyways checked the door switch and it is good. Powers on No Error codes present. Press wash it fills then it hard clicks as to run and nothing dead silence.. I have no motor running at all. Any ideas?
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    Kenmore Front Loading Washer, Dispenser Drawer Won't come out

    My Kenmore washer's dispenser drawer needs to be cleaned. The manual says to open the drawer as far as it will go, press the lock in the center of the despensers toward the back and remove the drawer. I'm depressing the lock and it will not come out any further. :( I'm pressing the thing as...
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    Kenmore Elite Upright Freezer-Not cooling, Compressor running low amperage. All other comps test ok

    I have a Kenmore Elite upright Freezer that matches a refrigerator unit, which looks like a custom built in. The freezer has been fine since we purchased our house about 6 months ago. It is now not cooling. The evaporator fan, condenser fan, starter relay, thermostat, and defroster are fine...
  7. A

    Kenmore Elite dryer returns E1 error code & doesn't complete dry cycle

    My Kenmore Elite front loader dryer stops mid cycle & shows error E1 code leaving my clothes damp & wrinkled. Any advice as to what may be wrong & part needed to repair would be greatly appreciated. My husband can most likely do the repair himself we just need to know what part to order...
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    FIXED Defrost cycle issue with my Kenmore bottom mount freezer Model 596.69283011

    I am having a defrost cycle issue with my Kenmore bottom mount freezer (Model #: 596.69283011). The freezer is working, but fridge gets warm. Even before this happens I can tell it is going to happen with extra frost on freezer items and really hard ice cream. Also I usually find some frost on...
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    No heat. Gas dryer, pulling my hair out. PLEASE help

    Purchased this dyer aprx. 3-4 years ago and has worked fine up until about maybe a month or two ago when intermitent no heat was observed. You could do a "more heat" cycle maybe two times before the 3rd actually dried. Then I lost heat completely. Observed no glow from ignitor. Took apart dryer...
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    Broil element comes on and eventually door locks regardless of bake mode or temperature setting.

    Hi All. I've had this range for well over 10 years now and other than having to replace the control board about 8 years ago and the oven door glass it has worked pretty well. That is until this week. Regardless of which mode we set it to or how low we set the temp, the oven eventually heats...
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    Kenmore Coldspot Icemaker not working

    Hello All, When I bought my house the icemaker on the fridge did not work. I am trying to fix it. The water dispenser works though. I am not sure what I should replace. If I replace the ice maker unit, will it fix it? There is no water dripping into it though? Does that mean something...
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    FIXED Kenmore Dishwasher Troubleshooting 587.15073281 - Caked powder everywhere

    Photo: Kenmore Dishwasher (model 587.15073281) is 10 years old and is used 3 months out of the year. Symptoms include caked powder everywhere as shown in photo. Tried dissolving it fingertips and not really sure if it is soap. Ran it through a cycle (with...
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    110.88732791 Kenmore stacked - Washer fills with water and then stops, burning smell

    Aloha, My wife and I bought a used stacked washer-dryer (110V) that is kept outside, under an overhang (this is the usual way it is done here in Hawaii, where older houses were not built to accommodate laundry appliances). The washer-dryer worked fine for about four or five months until the...
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    Kenmore side by side not cooling

    Stopped cooling 3 days ago. Compressor vibrates and was warm to touch but the starter/capacitor was bad (rattling pieces inside) so I replaced it yesterday. The compressor vibrates and is warm to touch. Before replacing the starter/capacitor, the copper coils were warm, now they are cool but not...
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    Kenmore Elite 796.31512210 - leaking from bottom

    Have a less than 3 year old Kenmore Elite model 796.31512210 that began leaking from bottom in January. Pump was replaced, leaking persisted. 4 months later, 6 service calls later, pump has been replaced a second time, shocks have been replaced, gears have been replaced, seal has been replaced...
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    Kenmore Refrigerator not Cooling

    We recently purchased a home and the previous owners were nice enough to leave us their appliances. Well 3 days ago we noticed that our refrigerator and freezer wasn't as cold as it previously was. We also noticed that the refrigerator sounded louder than normal. Almost like it was humming. It...
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    Kenmore Front Loader Doesn't Like to Final Spin

    In short: Changed the tub bearings and shock absorbers. After a handfull of washes- machine stopped reliably going into final spin. Halfing the load will usually get it to go into final spin. (Which was never required before this issue started) Changing the motor control board did not fix the...
  18. K

    Side Vent on 665.13542N410 is damaging cabinets. Sears Repairman said it's normal

    First I noticed the inside of the side of my cabinet was getting water damage. I pulled the dishwasher out a little further to investigate and proved the steam is venting out the side vent on the door and is damaging my cabinet. See attached photo. I contacted Sears Home Services. A technician...
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    Kenmore ice maker not working. Checked several things.

    I know that there are several threads helping with this issue, but I have tried everything and am at a loss. I have jumpered power to the water solenoid and that worked. I have tested the optical boards (LED blinks twice then pauses 1 sec, and repeats. When I hold the emitter flap down, the LED...
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    Need Help with Start Device Wiring

    Hello to all. I need help please. I have a Kenmore refrigerator #106.51103110. Part W10189190 start device. Is the red wire supposed to be positioned on the top or bottom? Not sure if it is connected properly. Thanks..