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    Kenmore Freezer not freezing

    Kenmore upright freezer not freezing. Went out into the garage the other day to find that all the deer meat inside had thawed, and was draining onto the garage floor. Opened up the freezer (after I got past the smell of rotten meat) to find the fan was blowing hot air. Everything I have read has...
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    Kenmore 665.13243K900 drain leaking

    Hello folks. Tonite my dishwasher started to leak, fortunately while I was home. I took off the lower panel and saw the leak coming from the front right side.. seems to be from the drain when the pump kicks in. Is there something blocking it - how do I check? Or do I need to replace the pump...
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    Kenmore side by side Fridge not freezing or cooling

    Hey everyone. My Kenmore side by side fridge is not cooling or freezing. I cant remember the model number but its 596. something. On Friday we noticed the food in the freezer was thawed and the iced had melted. We figured someone had moved the ice tray and it didn't shut properly. I did some...
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    My stove blew up

    Last night we were cooking dinner when the stove made a loud "pop" sound and automatically blew the breaker. The stove won't turn back on now. Is there even chance that my stove can be saved or should I just get a new one?
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    Kenmore elite quick rinse light flashing steady

    So I got up one morning about a week ago and the dishwasher was unresponsive. Two dashes on main display and the quick rinse light is steadily flashing. When I close the door a "-2" displays in a flash on the main display. I have read a few threads first and followed the directions. I took off...
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    Kenmore dryer wont start after tripped breaker

    Dryer was running,overloaded circuit with store bought heater.after tripping breaker back to normal the dryer will not start back up. Door switch and start button work find and everything is receiving power but all I get is the normal humming sound and no movement/heat. I checked the belt and...
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    Kenmore Series 90 Washer - drain and spin problems

    Hello, My Kenmore Series 90 washer recently began having troubles spinning. I ended up pulling it apart and replaced the agitator dogs, motor coupler and the washer drive. However, that didn't seem to fix the problem. The washer still doesn't always spin (on occasion I can get it to work)...
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    Kenmore elite He3 buttons on control panel dont work

    Hello, I have the above model for several years now. Most of the buttons do not work except the following "custom program, rinse and spin and drain and spin " When i used to press the custom program button the normal wash would light up and i was able to start a wash. A few days ago this...
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    Freezer too warm in Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator

    I am starting my first refrigerator diagnostics adventure. *Yeah me... I have a 23' Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator (model 596 58392 890 - about 10 years old). Recently, the food in the freezer has shown softness. * Putting thermometers in the freezer shows it is not cold enough - the...
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    Kenmore Refrigerator Leaking Water

    Serial No LA52202197 Kenmore refrigerator is leaking water inside under the crisper drawers and on one shelf. I am unable to determine where the water is coming from. Currently put a towel under the drawers and need to change it every two days so the leak is slow. Can you please tell me...
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    FIXED Kenmore Elite Dual Fuel Oven problems

    Hello- I am having some problems suddenly with my Sears Elite Dual Fuel range, just in time for Christmas of course. During baking the oven started beeping and displaying F10, which I find means runaway temperature. I cycled power to it a few times, and the oven still comes on, heats up and...
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    Dual wall oven power problems

    Hello, I have a 27" Kenmore Elite dual wall oven (790.4817; although the user's manual calls it 22-48173) that ceased to function about a month ago and, despite multiple service visits (including changing out the main board and display board), still remains non-functional today. The tech that...
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    106.59217990 Kenmore Coldspot Freezer not working

    Hi. My freezer seems to have stopped working. While the inside of the freezer is still cold (unless that's just residual cold air), it's not cold enough to keep food from defrosting and ice melting. In short, it does not reach freezing point. I don't know if this is a compressor problem or...
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    Kenmore Washer Won't Fill on Wash Cycles

    My washer was working perfectly late Wednesday night. Thursday afternoon I put in a new load, and no water would enter the machine on the wash cycle. Some random notes: -- The washer still apparently cycles; it just doesn't fill with water on the wash cycle. -- It does apparently fill on...
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    Kenmore 500 Dryer timer keeps running

    Hello, I've read dozens of posts, and none seem to be exactly the problem that I'm having. I have a Kenmore 500 electric dryer, and after a timed cycle is over the timer continues running and turns the heating element back on once it reaches the next cycle, but does NOT automatically start...
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    Need Help Identifying Kenmore Freestanding Electric Range Model

    Does anyone know this Kenmore model? I have one and need to replace a door and the model information is no longer on the stove in all the required placements for model information. It is a Kenmore Freestanding Electric Range, Black and Stainless, Smooth Glass Surface Top. The picture is below.
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    796.41473210 Elite Front Loader makes grinding noise during wash cycle

    I'm getting a grinding noise from my Kenmore Elite Front Loading Washer. Model 796.41473210 Or maybe the model # is 796.4147 It's tough to figure this out. During the wash cycle, the drum will turn a few revolutions clockwise, and it sits for a second, then it turns a few revolutions...
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    FIXED Two Months After Clutch Replacement, Getting Soggy Spin Dry

    My Kenmore 110.92588210 washer was purchased new in 1996. I replaced the basket drive and brake assembly and the clutch in December 2012. I replaced the motor coupling in July 2013. Two months ago I replaced the clutch because the spin dry was getting slower and slower, then finally quit...
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    FIXED 110.26852501 Kenmore 80 Series Motor buzzing/humming even with water pump removed

    I have been trying to diagnose an ongoing problem with my washer. It will start to buzz when there is a large load of laundry, but sometimes it fixes itself if you remove the wet clothes and run the cycle, it seems to reset. This happened almost a year ago and I posted here: Kenmore 80 Series...
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    FIXED Kenmore dishwasher 'Pots Pans' light flashing

    My Kenmore 665.1359 dishwasher stopped working in mid-cycle, with 'Pots Pans' light flashing continuously. If I turn-off/ON power then I could get 'Cancel Drain' light ON, and it starts draining water, but after couple of seconds it again starts flashing 'Pots Pans'. And after that I could not...