1. J

    Kenmore 665.15112K214 dishwasher not starting

    Hi, I am new to this blog, but I like what I have read. I hope you can help figure out my dishwasher issue. I have a Kenmore dishwasher Model 665.15112K214 It does not start and I cannot figure out how to get into the diagnostic mode or how to diagnose it without the codes. I have working...
  2. S

    Kenmore Refrigerator making fan noise, stops when door is opened

    Purchased in 2011, Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 25.0 Cu. Ft. French door model # 795. 7160 The fridge makes a fan or motor noise most of the day. It stops when you open the door of the fridge, then starts up the moment you close the door. The noise can vary from annoying hum to flat out...
  3. T

    HE3 110.92826101 - Stopped heating

    Hello. My 110.92826101 has stopping heating altogether. I checked the thermal fuse for continuity and it works fine (replaced 2 years ago with your help). Checked the thermistor and I see about 11k ohms. The ignitor glows. I think it's the gas solenoids. I have not checked the high limit...
  4. L

    Kenmore HE4t F06 and then F11 error codes

    Replaced the MCU to remedy F06 error code few months ago and no problem since until today getting a F11 error code. Reading where that might be a CCU issue. Is it possible that is was the CCU all along or the new error is unrelated to the original? Are there some things I can do to determine...
  5. O

    Refrigerator tripping GFCI upon opening door

    short story...i noticed some water collecting in the bottom of the refrigerator and down the back of the inside wall...i dried it up and went on...this morning, the refrigerator seemed to have gone out...turns out that the GFCI was tripped...if i reset the GFCI, it operates again (with the doors...
  6. S

    Kenmore Elite side by side fridge freezing my food after multiple replacement of same parts

    I initially had problems with the ice maker line and it's cheap plastic T's breaking and water leaking on my floor (before the 1 year Mfr. warranty expired) whenever we used the water dispenser. Now I have had to have 6-8 service calls because the damper in the fridge keeps breaking and staying...
  7. E

    Kenmore 665.13213K901 touchpad messed up?

    So my Kenmore dishwasher is not working. Here's a breakdown: 1. The "start" button won't work. It's not flashing, it looks like it's very, almost imperceptibly, dimly lit, but nothing happens when I push it. 2. Random buttons aren't working. "Normal wash" and "pots and pans" won't work. Heated...
  8. T

    Kenmore 253.79234703 Compressor won't start

    Hello, we have a kenmore 253.7923470 refridgerator. The fan runs but the compressor does not start. There is no clicking sound from the relay. From other posts it would seem we need either a new starter (241524605) or a new capacitor (218909913) or both. Is there a way to test which we would...
  9. S

    Kenmore oven will not ignite

    We have been searching this forum but have not found an exact answer yet. Any help is appreciated. We have a Kenmore range model # 790.70609014 with a single burner in the oven (No separate burner for broiler). The stove top burners work fine but the oven will not ignite, the igniter does not...
  10. N

    Kenmore Dryer Won't Stop Running

    Hi there! I have a Kenmore 110.60602990 and the timer knob doesn't advance. The dryer buzzes and shuts off if I advance the knob manually. It shuts off if I open the door. I tried different settings and it just keeps going without the knob turning/advancing. Also, is there something I can...
  11. R

    Cannot secure water line into back of fridge

    I just moved into a new house with the Kenmore 106.60842101 refrigerator. As far as I can tell, it's never had an ice maker in it. I've gotten the ice maker and all the parts that I've thought were necessary, and I've installed everything except for the hose from the valve to the top of the...
  12. 7

    Kenmore 70 Series Agitates When Should Spin

    I've got a Kenmore 70 series washer. It's been a great old washer that I have used for prob 30 years and today it threw me a curve ball. I would love to fix it but have no idea what the issue is and any help the group could provide would be greatly appreciated!! The washer fills, agitates and...
  13. philhyde

    Brand new Kenmore 106.76399410 fridge not cooling

    We've had this appliance less than 1 month and the fridge compartment is not cooling properly. The freezer section, however, is nice and cold. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. K

    Kenmore Elite HE4 No Power

    I have the Kenmore Elite HE4 (Model # 110.85087401) Electric Dryer. 3 prong wiring. We had what seems to be a power surge at our house…We found a loose wire back feeding on our Main Breaker box outside. After getting that under control, we were able to restore to power to our house. But it...
  15. D

    FIXED Kenmore Elite slash shaped stains

    Hello, My Kenmore Elite front loader is making slash mark shaped stains that are only visible on lighter clothing. I'm not sure whether it's the washer or dryer doing it, but I think it's the washer. I'm thinking it may be clothing getting caught in a seal??? The stain is brown or orange. Any...
  16. L

    Kenmore Model 665.15987990 just starts randomly on it's own

    I have a Kenmore dishwasher model 665.15987990 that now starts turning itself on randomly. There are no flashing lights and the lights seem normal. I have turned the unit off by holding the start button and then wait a few minutes before turning it on. I have tried to hold the start button...
  17. E

    Kenmore Dishwasher 587.15269900A won't start -none of the buttons on the front panel light up

    Hi. I did not see an answer to this problem in other similar posts. Dishwasher is 2.5 yrs old. No lights on front panel. Not a circuit breaker problem. Power reaches panel verified with contactless voltage probe. Sears technical support said it is usually the 'switch assembly'...the board with...
  18. P

    Kenmore Laundry Center 417 stops spinning, clothes wet, burning!

    Hi there, I'm in the beginning phase of trying to suss out the problem with my washer. The last time I ran it, the spin cycle seemed to have stopped near the end of its phase and the clothes were still dripping wet, thought the tub had drained. There was a burning smell like a burned-out motor...
  19. T

    FIXED Kenmore 110.42926200 - dribbles water out the front

    Hi guys. My wife just chewed up the grey door gasket on our washer. After I re-seated it, it has a slight deformation at the bottom whereby when it runs, it dribbles water out the front. Is there a trick to making the gasket sit flat again or do I just need to buy the gasket?
  20. F

    Kenmore 665.15112K213 has lights and acts normal but will not start.

    My Dishwasher acts normal all of the buttons respond correctly. The only this is when I press Start it will it does nothing. I can press start again and it flashes 3 times and does nothing.