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    KitchenAid Refrigerator KFIS29BBMS00 Programming Control Board

    Need some help here. My fridge needed a new control board and I replaced it with a used one found online. I assume it needs to be programmed with the code for my model - and if so, can anyone here help me figure out how? I have 2 issues: 1) can't find instructions for programming mode and 2) the...
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    FIXED KitchenAid Refrigerator KRMF706ESS01 - water pooling & ice forming under deli & produce drawers

    Hello, I'm looking for diagnostic & repair guidance regarding a problem with our KitchenAid (KRMF706ESS01) refrigerator (just under 5 years old). The problem: water pools, and partially freezes, on the internal "shelf", just underneath the "deli" and produce drawers. (By "deli" drawer, I'm...
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    KitchenAid Refrigerator KRMF706ESS01 ice maker not dropping ice. ice is present in the box

    Ice maker does not drop/ dispense ice when lever is pressed. ice gets made perfectly fine and there is ice present in the box. water also dispenses perfectly fine
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    Built-in KitchenAid Fridge- KSSC48MHS00- Freezer Fan not cycling the air

    The freezer fan is not cycling the air . I checked the fan and removed the fan to check the voltage I received 120v but when I put the fan back the voltage disappears. I replace the fan and I have the same issue still. Any ideas ? could it be the electronic control board in the fridge-...
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    KSRP25FSSS01 KitchenAid fridge water dispenser not working, burning smell

    I was doing a long draw of water from my fridge after replacing the fridge's water filter when I started to be aware of a burning smell. It was the kind of smell that you experience when a motherboard in a laptop is fried. Then the water dispenser abruptly stopped working. When I push on the...
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    KFIS29BBBL00 KitchenAid Fridge at 50 degrees, Freezer at 10 degrees

    I have looked at a few similar posts, but they don't quite fit my issue. A few weeks go we had some power fluctuations in a short time period. (Off for 2 minutes, back on. Then on and off a couple times. I was not home.) Info from kids. Returned to see the PO was displayed. Rest the PO and it...
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    JFI2089AEP14 Jenn-Air Refrigerator slow water dispenser

    My water dispenser has been slow since day 1 of having this fridge. My observations: - With bypass installed, i can fill 8oz in about 6 seconds. - With a new filter, it's a bit slower, but pretty fast. (I don't have a measurement, but I'd guess 8-10 sec) - As the filter ages, it gets slower...
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    FIXED KRFF507ESS Ceiling lights out, the rest stay on

    Hi all, this is for my Kitchenaid KRFF507ESS. It's 2.5 years old. There are 5 "ceiling" lights in my KRFF507ESS. A few weeks ago 2 turn off (the front two) and the other 3 were flickering. As of today they're all off. No other issues with the fridge anywhere (lights or termp). Any ideas or...
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    FIXED KSSS42QKW00 Are some air baffles/dampers interchangeable even with different part numbers?

    I have a KitchenAid side by side with a broken damper assembly, and the part is completely unavailable. Part #2208904. There are other Whirlpool/Kitchenaid dampers which are available (Part #2221296 and Part #2220377), which look identical to the part I need - they look like they are the same...
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    Addressing drain pan freezing in M/N KRFC704FSS00

    Have a KitchenAid #KRFC704FSS00 and there is water freezing/ leaking out of the pan under the bottom crisper drawer in the refrigerator. Can't find a good way to address how to fix this. I looks like I can't get the pan cover removed due to the water filter housing. I'm assuming the pan drain is...
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    FIXED KRSF505EWH Ice maker not harvesting ice and auger motor also dead.

    This is a side-by-side, in-door ice and water dispensing unit. When I press the in-door pad for the ice dispenser, it actuates the chute door and the chute door opens every time; but the motor that drives the auger to dispense the ice does not turn on. The auger moter used to work...
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    FIXED KSCS25INSS00 Air Baffle/Damper Issue

    I am hoping to understand what controls the air baffle/damper between the freezer and fridge in my Kitchenaid 25IN side-by-side. It started making a strange sound and when I discussed it with an online repair tech, he suggested I replace the air baffle (WP2220377) which I did. Unfortunately...
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    GC5NHAXSY03 only cold at the bottom on both sides.

    PLEASE HELP!!! :(I really really cannot figure this out.:wall: All of a sudden, only the bottom of my refrigerator and freezer are gelling cold (Whirlpool Gold GC5NHAXSY03). I found a video on replacing relay and capacitor and tried that... DIDN'T HELP!!! I bought a new evap motor and fan...
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    KitchenAid KSSC42QMS01 not cooling on both side

    My KitchenAid refrigerator stopped cooling on both side. I run the diagnostics routine. I get step 5 for the compressor with status indicator shows number "2" at first but then turned to 1 after about 6 minutes. Step 7 for Defrost Heater/ Bi-Metal with status indicator shows number "2". I...
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    KRFF507ESS01 Kitchen Aid fridge was making loud noise, now stopped

    My just over one year old Kitchen Aid refrigerator started making an intermittent loud noise last week. It lasted just a couple of minutes up to 20 minutes at a time. Sometimes it happened often, other times it would be a two or three hours in between, sometimes it was louder, other times not...
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    KSCS25INSS01 Kitchen aid refrigerator water dispenser starts normal then slows dramatically

    My Kitchen Aid refrigerator Model KSCS25INSS01 all of the sudden starts normally for about a second then slows dramatically to where is it a vert thin stream. I replaced water line going to fridge and inlet water valve and it still does the same thing. I do not see where anything is frozen...