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    KtichenAid KRFF507ESS humming loudly

    KtichenAid KRFF507ESS humming really loudly. In a potentially unrelated (but maybe related??) issue, the ice maker has been VERY slow recently. EDIT A little research shows this could maybe mean the ice maker is running but not getting water to it?
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    Noisy blower motor that runs a long time and long preheat to get to temperature

    Hello, I have a KitchenAid dual electric oven model KEBK206BSS00. My blower motor (WPL-WPW10260254) makes a lot of noise when running and seems to run excessively. It runs from the time the oven is started until more than 45 minutes after the oven is shut off. The air is circulated out the...
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    KUIX505ESS2 Thin ice Kitchenaid Ice Maker

    I have a Kitchen Aid under counter ice maker model KUIX505ESS2. Since we bought it it has produced very thin ice. If I set it to “max ice” it works better but only a little. I have seen some posts on this and it seems it might be the inlet valve. Is this correct? Is this easy to replace myself...
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    FIXED KitchenAid KODE500ESS - Top Oven, heating element exploded

    Top oven in the double oven, Heating element just exploded spectaturaly while pre-heating. Saw this particular part be BRIGHT orange and some sparks flying. Is this a DIY thing or do I have to call a pro? Also is there anything else I need to worry about or does this sort of thing just kind of...
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    KRMF706ESS Kitchenaid Refrigerator- PO Code error message

    Been having issues with our KitchenAid Refrigerator for almost 6 months now. It started when it stopped making ice and flashed a PO code. After flipping the breaker it would reboot and make ice again, this would happen every 2-3 weeks. As time went on the time between each PO code got smaller...
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    Kitchen Aid Dishwasher KDTM404ESS0 warped heating element

    I was just given this KA KDTM404ESS0 dishwasher. It had a warped heating element. Element is too high in one place and the bottom wash arm hits it. Replacing the element appears rather simple. But I wonder what is the cause of the original disfiguring of the element. Would this be a problem...
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    Help! Purchasing a French door refrigerator. French door analysis paralysis

    I am purchasing a French door refrigerator. I like the idea of dual ice makers. Any suggestions? I am not buying another Samsung and am scared of Lg too. It’s took a gander at whirlpool wrf76sdhz. GE gfe28gynfs and Frigidaire lghb2869tf. I have analysis paralysis and the bad reviews are scaring...
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    KDTM354DSS4 Kitchenaid dishwasher wont fill.

    I have a Kitchenaid dishwasher that is not filling with water. Model KDTM354DSS4. The cycle is running however. I am not getting 110 at the water inlet solenoid. What can cause this to not ask for water? I did initially check the water float switch but may need to recheck it. I also ran...
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    KUIC15PLTS1 stand alone ice maker not pumping water from reservoir to ice plate

    Hello helpful people! I have a KitchenAid KUIC15PLTS1 stand alone ice maker that decided to stop making ice. To the best of my knowledge, everything is working aside from the recirculation pump. The unit powers on, fills the reservoir, the drain pump works, the sheet cutters are getting warm...
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    KFIS29BBBL00 KitchenAid Fridge at 50 degrees, Freezer at 10 degrees

    I have looked at a few similar posts, but they don't quite fit my issue. A few weeks go we had some power fluctuations in a short time period. (Off for 2 minutes, back on. Then on and off a couple times. I was not home.) Info from kids. Returned to see the PO was displayed. Rest the PO and it...
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    KUDS35FXSS3 KitchenAid Dishwasher won’t start

    Kitchenaid dishwasher beeps twice when I hit start. Quick fix is to unplug for 10-15 mins plug back in then works properly. Anyone know what is going on?
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    KDFE304DSS0 KitchenAid Dishwasher Control Panel Lights don't stay on

    The dishwasher is connected to a switch. The lights come on after turning the switch off and back on for up to a minute, then go off. The dishwasher still runs but the lights are out.
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    KSSS36QTB03 Kitchenaid Side by Side Need help wiring the Ice Auger Motor

    Need help wiring a new Ice Auger on a built in Kitchen Aid KSSS36qtb03. Unfortunately the wires are out of the plastic plug part as they are old and broken. I'm including pictures, 4 wires Black, Red, Blue, and Grey. Unfortunately the Auger doesn't seem to be exact fit as far as wiring plug...
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    FIXED KRFF507ESS Ceiling lights out, the rest stay on

    Hi all, this is for my Kitchenaid KRFF507ESS. It's 2.5 years old. There are 5 "ceiling" lights in my KRFF507ESS. A few weeks ago 2 turn off (the front two) and the other 3 were flickering. As of today they're all off. No other issues with the fridge anywhere (lights or termp). Any ideas or...
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    KEBS208DSS8 KitchenAid Double Wall Oven - Lower oven not heating after clean cycle

    I have a double wall oven in which the lower oven is not heating. The display indicates it's heating up but it's as cold as an icecube. I pulled the broil element out and tested it. There's 53 ohms on the outer element and 34 ohms on the inner. I ordered a new one thinking that was the issue and...
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    KEBC208KSS03 Kitchenaid double oven error code F5 E1

    Errror code refers to door latch not aligning. The oven is question is the upper one which is used 99% of the time. The door latch does not have as much spring back as the lower one does and seems to be a bit looser than the lower oven as well. Seems to me a new latch is in order?
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    KDTE334DSS1 Working but making noise

    My Kitchenaid dishwasher works but it is making noise. It used to be so quiet I wondered if it was even on. Now, it periodically makes a loud humming noise. I don't want to purchase a new pump and motor assembly if I'm not sure if that's the actual problem. It could also be the drain pump...
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    KRMF706EBS00 Kitchen aid Randomly turns off

    KRMF706EBS00 Randomly turns itself off. Sometimes once a day. Sometimes twice a day. Sometimes once a week. Compressor and fans are all off. No lights. The only thing on is the door ajar light on the control panel. Have to unplug it and plug it back In to get it to come on. Checked all the door...
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    KFIS29BBM Ice Buildup And Not Cooling Properly In Fridge

    First of all - thank you for this blog - it’s an invaluable resource for those homeowners who want to know what’s going on (or wrong) with their appliances.:D About a year ago, we bought a home with an existing KitchenAid fridge (KFIS29BBMS00) and have run into multiple issues since. Initally...
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    KSRV22FVSS03 Dispensing Crushed Ice, Cubes Not Working

    Have run into a problem: My Kitchenaid's ice maker is making ice. When switched to crushed ice, it functions perfectly. But it's not dispensing cubed, whole ice. I have removed the ice tray. Nothing is jammed. The buttons on the front signal that it's switching between the two modes. But...

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