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    KtichenAid KRFF507ESS humming loudly

    KtichenAid KRFF507ESS humming really loudly. In a potentially unrelated (but maybe related??) issue, the ice maker has been VERY slow recently. EDIT A little research shows this could maybe mean the ice maker is running but not getting water to it?
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    I have the krfc704fss00. I got it in April/may 2017. About Once a year (atleast it seems like it), the RC evaporator freezes and I have to pull everything out and defrost. Freezer isn’t affected. When it was under warranty, I did have Whirlpool send a tech to take look because of the...
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    KUDS02FRSS0 KitchenAid Dishwasher Normal Cycle Light Was Blinking - Now does not turn on

    My dishwasher stopped working a few days ago with its "normal cycle" light blinking. I followed Jake's instructions here and found that the drain motor does not respond when the control board is disconnected from the keypad. So I re-connected the control board to the keypad and realized it...
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    KUDK03CTSS2 KitchenAid Dishwasher - Leaking from fill port!

    Ok so I replaced a leaky fill valve and now it's leaking out the fill port. In not positive that it wasn't leaking there before, but it doesn't seem likely given the lack of stains. So I'm thinking either the fill valve could be defective or it has to be something else. I'll post a pic pointing...
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    KitchenAid Refrigerator Buzz/Hum Noise (KFIV29PCMS03)

    My refrigerator is making a very loud buzzing / humming noise - see video. I can hear it from another room and even from upstairs. The noise is not constant, usually it is totally silent but it will sometimes hum like this for 20+ minutes. The noise seems to be coming from the back of the fridge...
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    FIXED KRMF706ESS01 Freezer coils constantly freezing over, all parts test "OK". Other issues as well.

    Good afternoon, thank you for having this awesome forum. I've been fighting this issue over a year with no luck. I've got a KRMF706ESS01 that will consistently freeze the freezer evap coils. The first time this happened, we noticed noise in the freezer cabinet. It turned out to be the fan...
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    KitchenAid Dishwasher KDTM404KPS0 F9E1 will not drain

    Dishwasher stopped working - completed cycle but the detergent just dropped out, dishes not washed or rinsed but heated and humid. Tried to run an empty cycle and it sprayed water out . It had a F8E4 error at the time. Unplugged it and took out the drip pan after finding an article on here that...
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    FIXED KitchenAid KODE500ESS - Top Oven, heating element exploded

    Top oven in the double oven, Heating element just exploded spectaturaly while pre-heating. Saw this particular part be BRIGHT orange and some sparks flying. Is this a DIY thing or do I have to call a pro? Also is there anything else I need to worry about or does this sort of thing just kind of...
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    KitchenAid Range KDRS483VSS03 - Right (larger) oven will not maintain temp

    The right oven (larger one) is not maintaining temperature. We can have it set at 350° and it will preheat to that and after a while, we will realize it does not seem to be hot enough. We then turn off the right oven, turn it back on and set it to 350° and the screen will show the temperature is...
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    KitchenAid KURL114KPA undercounter refrigerator fault codes "bd" "6A"

    My KitchenAid KURL114KPA when powered on is throwing "bd" followed by "6A" fault codes. The compressor is not kicking on after these codes show. I couldn't find literature anywhere, any help would be greatly appreciated so I can identify the issue.
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    Need KitchenAid Dishwasher Service Manual KDTM604KPS0

    I am hoping someone can direct me to the service manual for my KitchenAid Dishwasher KDTM604KPS0. KitchenAid has been a complete disaster when it comes to honoring their warranty. I have already been without the use of the dishwasher for four months, and there is no end in sight. Much...
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    KitchenAid Refrigerator KSCS25INSS00 Capacitor Mounting Through Holes Shorting

    Hi there! I have a mother board for a side by side Kitchenaid and the through hole mounting holes for capacitors C33 & C34 + and - are shorted together with no capacitors installed. This is on a W10219463 mother board. I have attached a picture. It looks some of the solder mask has peeled off...
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    Kitchenaid electric convection oven KEBS109BSS00 – Not Working, Display Panel out

    Jake, I hope you’re able to help me figure out my issues with my Kitchenaid (Model # KEBS109BSS00) electric convection oven that has recently stopped working. The front left hand part of the Oven Display recently lost illumination (buttons no longer visible), but there is still power to the...
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    KitchenAid ( Model KRFF305ESS ) Refrigerator Tripping GFCI When Defrosting

    My Kitchenaid 25 cu ft 36-width French Door Refrigerator is ( Kitchenaid Model Hyperlink ) Model KRFF305ESS. Recently the GFCI started to trip whenever the defrost mode was utilized. I replaced the GFCI, which was old, but the same issue persists. If I plug it in to a non-GFCI using an...
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    FIXED Jenn-Air Refrigerator JS48PPDUDB02 - Dispenser water line broke at bottom of door.

    Jenn-Air 48" wide with door water/ice dispenser has a cracked (broken off now) waterline where the line comes out of the bottom of the door (actually where it comes out of the gray plastic conduit or whatever it's called - see red circle in pic). I thought the line could be replaced based on...
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    Cleaning the chopper on a KitchenAid Dishwasher KDTE204ESS0

    I have a KitchenAid KDTE204ESS0 that was making some unusual noises and now it will only start to wash for a few minutes and stop. I wanted to check the chopper area for any broken glass or anything but this machine has a model WPW10455268 sump and I don't see any way to get to the chopper from...
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    FIXED KitchenAid Microwave KMHC319ESS "Close Door First" even though the door is closed

    HI all, Back for my microwave this time. The microwave was throwing a "open/close door" error but now it only shows "close door first". I've look at the door latches on the microwave and the bottom one seems to have disappeared into itself and now I think the door isn't registered as being...
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    KRSC503ESS01 - Kitchenaid Side by Side - Refrigerator Coil Icing

    Hello! I have a Kitchenaid KRSC503ESS01 that has recently been giving me a hard time with the refrigerator coils icing up. Originally when it came with the house I was having problems with the water dispenser not working due to the water reservoir near the coils becoming frozen. The...
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    FIXED Recently purchased counter depth KitchenAid Refrigerator KRSC700HBS00, ice maker not working.

    We bought this fridge less than a year ago, and the ice maker & water dispenser have been working good once we plumbed in the lines for it, we have changed the water filter once since then. Today I was getting some ice from it and noticed ice stopped coming out, so checked the ice storage bin...
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    KitchenAid Refrigerator KRFF507ESS01 not making ice, (Hard one Here)

    Hey! Thank you in advance out here. You all are doing gods work. I'm a newer tech. Have a KRFF507ESS01 thats not making ice, not throwing any error codes what so ever. Ice sensor is working fine, motor test clockwise and counterclockwise works great. Machine dumps ice with dump test and fill...

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