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    Kitchenaid K5SS mixer , making GRINDING noises

    Model Number: K5SS Brand: KitchenAid Hello everybody! I recently purchased a Hobart era K5SS mixer. Heres the rundown: It was in perfect clean condition when I received it, ran nicely (no issues whatsoever, no grinding noises.) However, I saw a yellow tint around the trim band (suspected it...
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    KSRA25I Kitchenaid Side-by-side cools constantly when freezer thermistor is connected.

    Hello, I have looked but can't seem to find anyone with the same issue. I have a Kitchenaid KSRA251 (or is that supposed to be "25i"?) that is getting way too cold. The self test reports the thermistors as functioning correctly. When I test the thermistor in the freezer at -25C (ballpark...
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    KDRP407HSS09 KitchenAid Dual Fuel Oven Buzz

    Good day all, I have a KitchenAid Dual Fuel Range that came with the home. In recent months the oven started buzzing about 5-10 minutes after being turned on. The noise appears to originate just above the oven door, below the range top, and continues for about as long after the oven is turned...
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    FIXED KDTE104ESS Kitchenaid Dishwasher Soap Dispenser escaping gasket

    Back in January, we bought a new Kitchenaid dishwasher model KDTE104ESS. Shortly thereafter, the soft rubber gasket in the soap dispenser sliding door started to slip out of place. I'm not sure this gasket is really necessary but there is an easy fix if you encounter this problem. This fix...
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    KAWS677EQ0 KitchenAid washer doesn't agitate

    the agitator in my washing machine is not working but I don't hear any noise at all between the the washing machine filling and spinning, it's almost like the washing machine skips the 'agitate' cycle ! any ideas would be apprecaited
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    KDHE704DSS0 gone crazy

    My friends new dishwasher has gone from strange to bizarre. First the indicator light was off when it should have been glowing blue to indicate that the cycle was finished. Then he opened the door to discover that the dishes seemed to have been cleaned but the drying cycle hadn't kicked in. They...
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    KitchenAid Electric Glass Cooktop - Shorted Service Wiring

    Greetings all: Just had a run-in with my electric cooktop. While cooking with three of the five burners going, my wife and I hear a "pop" and smell that unmistakable "electrical melting" smell. The junction box for the range is directly below so access was nice and easy. I cut power at the...
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    Freezer Side Cold & Fridge Side Warm

    Hi all, I am new to this site but hoping to look for some insight on my Fridge issue. I have seen some similar issues but not with the exact same scenario. I have a side-by-side Kitchen Aid fridge model KSRA25KKSS00 and the freezer side is cold but the fridge side is warm. I have checked the...
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    FIXED KSF26C4XYY03 Water dispenser not working

    We noticed that the water dispenser on the freezer door would work intermittently, and that the ice maker would call for water, but not receive any. Since this was a random issue, and not consistent we dealt with it. This went on for roughly 2 weeks until it was unbearable. We replaced the water...
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    FIXED My Kitchen Aid Dishwasher model KDTE204DSS1 wont run

    My Kitchen Aid dishwasher just stopped working. When you try and run a cycle it will click a couple of times with the start light illuminated and then it will illuminate the cancel light and eventually just shut off and not run at all. If i try and run cancel to dain the dishwasher it wont run...
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    KUDS30FXSS9 KitchenAid Dishwasher Leaking from Float Down Stem

    Hey guys, Recently, I noticed that the insulation part under the front right of my dishwasher was wet. After further investigation and what was a useless $70 call from a specialist, water seems to be leaking from my float, down the stem onto the sound insulation filler. Here is what I know...
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    KGSS907SSS00 Oven/Broiler clicks but won't ignite

    Long time user, first time poster here! Our KitchenAid Oven has been unusable for some time now. The stove burners all ignite as normal, but the oven/broiler don't seem to spark. I can always smell gas when it's trying to light. We have intermittently gotten the lower (oven?) burner to ignite...
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    KitchenAid Gas Cooktop Lock - won't reset

    I was cleaning the cooktop and somehow triggered the cooktop lock. I pressed the area to clear, didn't clear. Power off 5 min, didn't clear. Power off 4 hours, didn't clear. Did the area press each time after power off. Now leaving unplugged for overnight, maybe it will clear, but I suspect...
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    FIXED KUDP01ILWH Burning on heating element tripped something?

    My Kitchenaid dishwasher suffered from the faulty part that was involved in a lawsuit. Luckily ours didn't start a fire but started melting during use while we were home. Kitchenaid paid to replace the board portion. The thermal fuse blew after the warranty period (of course) and it worked...
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    Kitchenaid KDRP463LSS07 Convection Oven works but NO other Oven mode.

    KDRP463LSS07 Oven & Gas Cooktop. Strangest thing. Convection feature of oven works fine and heats accordingly. All other oven functions do not work. Please advise.
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    FIXED KUDE70FVSS2 Kitchenaid DW fills, drains, won't wash

    Here's another one where the dishwasher will fill and drain several times but it won't wash. Nothing gets wet except the bottom. It will fill and drain several times, just no washing. I've seen several of these where it needed to be cleaned but they all seem to be for a different type of...
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    Kitchenaid k5- brush housing holder.

    Does anyone know where to purchase brush housing holder. I have a kitchenaid k5a mixer. I need the kind that has slits on the side for the wire attachment. Thanks, Bacon
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    Kitchenaid Side by Side Dispenser and Ice Maker Not Working

    The ice dispenser on my Kitchenaid side by side refrigerator (KSRP22FNSS00) stop working about six months ago. Here are the symptoms. -Water dispenser still works fine. -The ice dispenser door opens when the activator switch is pressed, but the auger does not turn (same result with either...
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    FIXED How do I remove the drawer?

    Hello, My single drawer KitchenAid dishwasher has an error code (rinse light on) that indicates the flood switch has been tripped. Indeed, there is about a quarter inch of water in the bottom pan. I would like to remove the drawer so I can get to the pan and the switch in order to get rid of...
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    Compressor Click - replaced start device and capacitor -still wont start- NEED HELP Please!

    Hey guys, Been doing some homework on this but I'm stumped. Any advice is appreciated. Had a lightning storm. ( not sure if that is related) Compressor started to click and fridge stopped working. Click... humm... click. So, I went to google and decided to change the start device. it looked...