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    Help finding Whirlpool stove burner control knob?

    Can't get to the model number, so this will be an interesting exercise... I bought a house in Cabo San Lucas, MX and the Whirlpool stove is about 6-10 years old, possible a couple of years older even. One of the burner control knobs is broken and I'm looking for a replacement. It doesn't...
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    FIXED WPSF4170W0WW How do I get the timer knob off?

    I just bought a used GE Harmony washer. The outer knob doesn't turn the inner knob - in other words, you need to turn the collar to set the cycle, then use the outer knob to push it in or pull it out. I can probably repair it myself or just buy a new knob, but how do you get it off? I image it...
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    MGT8885XB02 Maytag Gemini natural gas range knob will not turn

    The range knob broke so I took off the face plate and looked at the assembly. I tried to turn the dial with a pair of pliers but it still wouldn't turn on. Is there anything else I should try or a part that I should replace?
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    gemini gas stove knob won't turn ! MGT8775X Maytag

    Hi, my maytag gemini gas stoves front right burner knob won't turn... It will push in but wont turn to either side, no gas comes out or any ignition sounds. I have tried the options in the manual (cleaning the burner portion) took off the knob (nothings really under there) i read online to take...