knocking noise

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    FIXED LG Refrigerator LFXS30766S In-door ice maker knocking?

    The in-door ice maker in my LFXS30766S has been making a loud knocking noise lately. The arm that pushes the ice out of the maker and into the bin sometimes rotates freely, but at other time seem to catch for a moment, then push through...creating the knocking sound. When I noticed this sound I...
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    796.91728000 Kenmore Dryer making a knocking noise

    Hello! My Kenmore Elite Steam Dryer is making a strange knocking noise while running. It sounds like something metallic is rolling around within the dryer. It heats up and still dries. Help!! The dryer was purchased in 2008 or 2009. Corrected model number
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    Whirlpool WTW4950XW3 Knocking Sounds During Wash Cycle

    I recently replaced the gear case (W11035747) in my Whirlpool Low H2O washer (WTW4950XW3) as the previous one had failed along with the tub seal. The washer sounded like a jet engine during the spin cycle and eventually leaked severely from the bottom. After the repair I ran the calibration...
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    GTWN4250DWS GE Washer makes knocking sound

    GE Washer makes a knocking sound when turning. Doesn't matter if it's turning very slow or fast, it makes the knock at the same point in rotation. Seems to be coming from the bottom of the basket area, possibly between the basket and tub. Tub bearing maybe?
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    ET1FHTXMQ01 Continuous Knocking Noise

    My fridge makes a loud continuous knocking noise from time to time and I believe it comes from somewhere around the compressor. This knocking noise could last for about a minute or so. The friend whom I bought this fridge from had the same issue, but I didn't have it for a few months. Recently...
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    Kenmore washing machine making squeaking and knocking noise while washing and spinning

    Hi. Our washing machine is having some issues as below and appreciate your advice. The model of our washing machine is Kenmore White-on-white 3.1cu. ft. IEC Extra-Large Capacity Front Load Washer (Mfr. model #417.43142) 1) The washing machine makes squeaking and knocking noise when the drum is...