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    JDB1100AWW Door Latch stuck in locked mode and can't close door

    Door latch is stuck in locked position and door won't close. Ordered a new part but I'm looking for way to reset the lock to close door.
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    MVWX500XW0 Washer Won't Start troubleshooting has been done

    I have an issue with our washer(obviously). The auto self test completes without issue. I ran lid lock tests, agitate(low and high) in manual mode, spin tests (low has completed once but reverted to flashing lid lock every other time after a couple seconds, and high always flashes after the...
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    ATF8000FS1 Affinity Buzzed but Worked Now Clicks and Paused

    9 year old unit - I replaced the door latch a few years ago, along with the hinge, which got us back into action. (Thank you!!) For the past year or so, the unit often buzzed during the wash cycle. We'd press the door, place a chair against it, and it would continue to wash, spin, etc. A...
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    SHX7ER55UC/50 Bosch Dishwasher door not remaining latched

    Hello. My 3yo Bosch D/W has a door that won't remain latched. It will start locked, so the cycle can start, but after 2-15min, the door unlocks and the cycle stops. It will restart if I nudge the door closed again, but will restop after another 5-15min. I've examined the latch and the door...
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    Bosh dishwasher

    Hello, I have a dishwasher that keeps opening the door during the drying cycle. Once open, the door will not close. I have replaced the latch but this did not fix the problem. If I open it up, where I can see the latch assembly, I can "reset" the latch and the door will close properly and...
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    Frigidaire no high speed spin

    I read a few posts on this forum and they are helpful. But, I am not sure how to go about diagnosing my problem. I thought that I would try the door latch first, because it seemed consistent with some of the posts and is less expensive than the motor or the speed control board. I just bought...
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    No power to washer after buzzer continually buzzing

    Hi there, I had to replace the door latch on my front loader (from the old white one to the new black one). This latch only worked properly for a few months. When I tried to shut the door, the washer wouldn't start. I found that if I removed the latch and placed it into the door lock on its...