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    FIXED Frigidaire FFLE3911QW0 Laundry Center - Washer wont start, three beeps

    Our washer won't start. The lid latches and we hear three beeps then nothing. We are unable to get into the diagnostic
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    I have a GE Laundry Center GUD27ESSJ0WW won’t wash.

    The washer will fill with water and the agitator will spin for about a minute then stops and the wash light blinks. If I push start again it will agitate one spin and stop and the light flashes again. I saw on one search that the lid lock switch would cause this and also saw that the wires to...
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    417.92702200 Kenmore Laundry Center - Light Thumping in Dryer

    Thanks in advance for your help. I have a Kenmore laundry center (417.92702200) that was in a home I bought in 2014. This is a stacked dryer. Recently started making a light thumping sound every 1ish seconds followed by 2 short tapping sounds (happy to send audio). Initially, sounded...
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    Kenmore Laundry Center 417 stops spinning, clothes wet, burning!

    Hi there, I'm in the beginning phase of trying to suss out the problem with my washer. The last time I ran it, the spin cycle seemed to have stopped near the end of its phase and the clothes were still dripping wet, thought the tub had drained. There was a burning smell like a burned-out motor...