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    FIXED Samsung Range/Oven NE595R0ABSR/AA LCD Broken numbers

    Hello I have this Oven range NE595R0ABSR/AA. We have broken numbers in this piece DE92-03045F. We bought the piece and a company sent us 4 pieces and all the 4 new ones are the screen black and you don’t hear clack sound at the beginning. Each time we place the old one with broken numbers you...
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    GE CDT865SSJSS D/W LCD display goes off for long periods

    GE dishwasher CDT865SSJSS. LCD Display works for 3-4 cycles then goes off for multiple weeks. GE has replaced "main circuit board". On last visit (1 week ago) it was working, and they said put in a 1K+ joule surge arrestor. Worked for 3 cycles after that. Now been out for two days. Any ideas?
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    Kenmore elite grahics on screen larger than normal

    i am trying to repair a neighbors microwave for them. they are retired and on a fixed income and any help would be appreciated. the problem is that the lcd screen graphics have grown in size to the point of not being able to accurately use it. i have looked at the owners manual (which seems to...
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    Electrolux Dryer LED Panel works intermittently

    Hi All, We have a fairly new Electrolux dryer that has an LED (or LCD) panel that shows icons for temp, cycle time, etc... These icon settings are selected by physical buttons below the panel. The panel in question just started working intermittently which leaves you in the dark when it comes...