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    FIXED GE Model GFSS6KKYCSS Frig - Leak

    This GE profile refrigerator leaks water from the bottom edge of the freezer box (see PDF drawing). It is not a constant flow, it happens 1 to 3 times per day and leaks about 3-4 tablespoons of water. Water flows around the caster and at the corner. It might be condensation, I already replaced...
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    GE Monogram ZFGP21HYASS Water Leaking on Floor and No Ice

    Hi, I have a GE Monogram ZFGP21HYASS (2011) with a water dispenser inside the refrigerator and ice maker in the freezer. I recently noticed water on the floor coming from under the unit. I changed the water filter; water dispenser works fine, but now the ice maker is not making ice and the...
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    GDF550PSR1SS GE Dishwasher, just installed, leaking from door gasket

    Just installed GE dishwasher. Had a callback because it was Leaking from bottom of door. I adjusted the left side of the tub seal gasket to extend farther down, as it was shorter than the right side; which helped. Ran some wash cycles. Looking further, there are water droplets collecting beyond...
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    Kenmore refrigerator 253.61532804 leaking black liquid

    I'm trying to find answers as to why my parents' Kenmore refrigerator is leaking a black liquid. What's odd is that it's just on one side of the refrigerator. When it's wiped up, it appears again days later. Any idea why this may be happening. Thanks in advance.
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    FIXED Speed Queen Washer HA7221 Leak Advice

    Hi folks, looking for some advice for my old Speed Queen HA7221. The washer has had an intermittent leak from the bottom for maybe a year now. It was only happening with heavy loads so we were just keeping them smaller. Now it has started squealing during spin and is leaking pretty consistently...
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    MHW8000AW0 Maytag Front Load Washer Leaking from Back During Cleaning Cycle Only

    Model #MHW8000AW0 I noticed similar threads about this topic, but none seemed applicable to this one. This washer is seven years old, and for seven years I have always used the AFRESH cleaning tablets for the cleaning cycle. Recently I'm getting enough water from the bottom backside of the...
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    FIXED KitchenAid Dishwasher KDTE554CSS1 leaking identification / repair - left hand side underbelly

    Hi we have a 2014 KitchenAid KDTE554CSS1 that is leaking from a point about ten inches in from thefront of the unit, on the immediate left side. I dried everything out and was able to pinpoint the leak to be at a particular area where there is no part to root cause. leak was present during rinse...
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    FIXED LMXS27626S Water dripping from the bottom of the door

    Hi all, my first post here... I have a 2015 french door refrigerator LG model LMXS27626S, with the whole ice making system, including the ice tray, inside the left door. In the past few weeks I started having water on the floor, and I have seen that the leak was directly connected to using the...
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    FIXED KDTE334DSS1 2 Year Old Unit has Rusty Water Leak underneath and Shocked by Optical Level Indicator

    My KitchenAid dishwasher is two years old. The other day we found water leaking from the bottom front. I pulled off the kickplate and could see water dripping from under the unit. It looks like it is coming from the sump seal, but not at the bottom of the recess. It is coming from the top...
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    Kenmore Elite 796.31512210 - leaking from bottom

    Have a less than 3 year old Kenmore Elite model 796.31512210 that began leaking from bottom in January. Pump was replaced, leaking persisted. 4 months later, 6 service calls later, pump has been replaced a second time, shocks have been replaced, gears have been replaced, seal has been replaced...
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    WTW4950XW2 - Leaking during Agitation

    Washer is leaking during agitation in all cycles. Also making very noisey during spin cycle.
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    Water line leaking between water dispenser outlet and bottom of freezer door

    I have a leak in the water line which supplies the water dispenser of my GE Arctica Profile SxS refrigerator. It is leaking somewhere between where the line enters the bottom of the freezer door and where it meets the water dispenser. The water exits from the bottom of the door where the line...
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    Old Speed Queen Washer, Leaks, No Brake

    I would like to repair this old washer if feasible. I know it's old but the simplicity of this mechanism is amazing. There are two problems: 1. The washer leaks from the wash tub in the wash and spin cycles. What parts are needed and how do I get the agitator out of the basket in order to...
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    GE Artica Profile Refrigerator - Water in Freezer Bottom

    I apologize if this is a redundant post. I searched other threads but could not find a situation similar to mine. We began to notice water on the floor to the bottom left (if face the refrigerator) of the freezer side. I noticed the bottom of the freezer had collected water, which froze, and as...
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    FIXED Whirlpool washer leak

    My Whirlpool washer which is 10 years old started leaking a couple of weeks ago. I only noticed last week because the "tray" that the washer stands in was almost full of water. I used old towels to sop up that water, thankful that it didn't overflow and ruin the floor. I tried a load in the...
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    Maytag Atlantis leaking

    My washer is leaking a bit under it. I am wondering if there is a seal that needs to be replaced and how to do it.
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    Series 80 washer - small leak and loud noise

    My washer has recently started leaking underneath when doing a load. Less than a cup of water at this point. The end of the spin cycles also terminate with a loud 'chunck' noise. I'm going to get in and try to locate the leak, but I'd love any advice on common problem areas. I've checked the...
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    Whirlpool Duet Washer Leaking

    Whirpool Duet Frontloader Washer is appproximately 5 yrs old. Door seal needs to be replaced but not the cause for this leak. We are finding puddled water underneath washer. We removed the front panel and watched the entire cycle to see when this was occurring. After the final drain (1 min mark)...
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    kenmore side by side replaced defrost timer still freezing in back and leaking water

    I have a kenmore side by side model number 106.59545990. it appears the back freezer coils are freezing over. I replaced the defrost timer because it was not goinG into defrost cycle. I have visually inspected the bi metal defrost and it appears to be in good condition. I don't have the...
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    D/W leaks through heating element

    Dishwasher leaks through heating element groments. Tried High temp RTV, but no change.

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