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leaking from bottom

  1. A

    Freezer Leaks

    Hi, I have a pfs22siscss fridge/freezer. It works perfectly except that for the last few months it has been leaking. A sheet of ice forms below the drawer which I assume eventually gets to the seal which then leaks. I have turned off the ice maker water supply so I know the water is not...
  2. S

    Washer leaking within 2-5 minutes

    I have a Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer that is leaking from the door. The water starts to leak from the bottom of the door within 2-5 min. after I start the machine. There is a stain on the bellows that looks like it maybe from standing water but it does not wash off. There is a very small tear on...
  3. K

    Series 80 washer. Fixed one thing and broke another!

    Hi - here's what's happened: Figured out the washer lid switch was broken. Enlisted my father's help to take apart the washer since the outer shell weighs as much as I do. Fixed the switch and proceeded to get the shell back onto the washer. Dad - being the ever impatient person that he...
  4. M

    Washing machine is leaking

    The washing machine is leaking from the bottom after it finishes washing a load of laundry. How do I fix it?
  5. artminds

    Leak from floor level left side / Normal cycle doens't start

    My 82 year old mother's dishwasher started leaking yesterday, with water appearing on the floor in front of the left side of the dishwasher (about a cup of water total). Have been using the LIGHT/CHINA cycle only, since the NORMAL cycle stopped working about 6 months ago (we always rinse dishes...
  6. L

    Kenmore 110.92284100 - Leaking from bottom

    Hi Jake, I have a Kenmore washer # 110.92284100 that is 17 years old. This morning while doing a load, it was leaking :( I pulled it out and inspected it and it appears to be leaking somewhere from the bottom as there are no drip lines coming from where the hose connects at the wall or back of...

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