1. C

    Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator leaking out front & ice/water dispenser not working properly

    I have looked all over this site to see if someone else has had the same issues as I am having. No luck. My Whirlpool Gold refrigerator has been recently moved to our new house, but working fine. We did not have the water line hooked up until yesterday. We woke up this morning with a huge...
  2. S

    Maytag bottom freezer leaking

    Symptoms: Occasional clunking noise, sheet of ice collects on bottom of the freezer, occasional water leaking from bottom. I have pulled up the schematic but am not sure what exactly to do next. Thanks,
  3. T

    FIXED FRS26F4CW0 Water squirting out door when icemaker pulls water

    After hooking up water a few years ago, the unit would spray water out the door whenever the ice maker would fill with water (which in turn robs water from the ice maker and makes small cubes). Obviously this was very annoying, so I shut off water and made cubes in trays for years. The other day...
  4. H

    Water leak in front of the fridge

    This fridge is about 2 weeks old. About every 2-3 days, there is a good size puddle of water on the floor on the front right corner of the fridge. (fridge side) There is no water inside in the bottom of the fridge and no ice/water inside the bottom of the freezer. The drip pan is pretty dry...
  5. H

    Intermittent leak

    My refrigerator is leaking a significant amount of water from the entry/exit point of the plastic tubing at the top, center of the rear of the fridge (3" down from top of fridge.) It seems to only leak when the ice maker fills. Can you please help me trouble shoot this?
  6. D

    FIXED FDB1502RGB2 Leaking from pump/motor

    Just out of warranty of course.. POS Fridgeaire FDB1502RGB dishwasher leaking from center bottom where pump/motor is located. Leaks steady drip when pump is active. Removed metal retaining bracket and pulled out motor. Inspected o rings, no obviouos damage to either of them (although the seem...
  7. C

    Kitchenaid Superba Water Dispenser Leaks when Dispensing only

    We just moved in to our new used house and the Kitchenaid Superba was included. It has the front ice/water dispenser. Everything works great ... except ... when I get a glass of chilled water through the front dispenser ... up where I can't reach to verify ... there is a leak. Only when...
  8. S

    [FIXED] Leaking after previous repair

    Hello, Last week a piece of plastic fell into the bottom of my dishwasher. Not knowing what type of mechanism was down there, I didn't know if it would cause a problem with the pump, a fire, etc. I found instructions online on how to remove the housing and any foreign object that had fallen...
  9. C

    Kenmore Elite Door Deluge on Startup

    I get a huge amount of water leaking from the bottom of the door (sometimes left side, sometimes right side then it ceases and continues the cycle normally. I can open the door multiple times while its running and it won't leak again. It has to be on the initial startup, and it only happens on...
  10. E

    overflow or leak in icemaker

    I purchased my Kenmore in April of 2005 and love it. However, recently I had to replace some parts on the water dispenser unit on the door. A tech came and told me the problem and ordered the part. I installed. Since his visit, after he re-installed the icemaker itself, it is either leaking or...
  11. D

    [FIXED] Loud spin cycle brown liquid leak

    I have a model MAH5500BWW washer that gets about 25 loads per week and was purchased in 2002. The washer has been making loud jet engine type noise and vibration during spin for the last few months. When I opened it up These photos show what I found. Neptune Repair pictures by dfsolander -...
  12. A

    Maytag Neptune leaky Water inlet valve assembly

    I was recently given a neptune washer and dryer. The dryer is fine but I was aware the washer had some issues. I found a leak coming out of the Water inlet valve assembly, (See pictures) I'm pretty sure it is the hot water valve. Anyways it leaks only when it is filling and also no matter...
  13. R

    water leaking from Freezer

    I am considering buying a GE Model TSX20JRXFWW side by side regrigerator from a lady from our church. (GE Refrigerator w/ in door ice/water) She said that once in a while it leaks some water from the freezer. She said they put down a towel and clean it up when this happens. What are the...
  14. J

    [FIXED] Kenmore Compact Model 110.48182790 Leaks

    I just purchased a Kenmore Compact Heavy Duty Quiet Pak Model 110.48182790. I ran it through a couple of cycles and it cycles just fine. However on the 3rd load or so I noticed water underneath the unit. I checked the drain and supply lines and they were properly connected and not leaking. I...
  15. wobiii

    Kenmore (GE) leaking between the door shell and gasket.

    I went out on a call today for a Kenmore model 363.78592896 (appears to be Good Enough) for a leak. I get out there to see one drop of water underneath the door not connected to anything. It turns out it is dripping condensation from between the door liner and outer door shell. I've never seen...

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