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    GE Dryer GFDR270 Has Issues with LED display

    We started experiences issues with our GE Dryer yesterday. The display shows partial numbers illuminated (0 looks like a u), missing the top part of the number. Multiple options are illuminated under temperature, when you press the button to cycle through low, medium, etc. The dryer runs and...
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    FIXED FGHB2866PF0 Ice maker won't automatically cycle or harvest ice

    My frigidaire model FGHB2866PF0 ice maker won't automatically cycle or "harvest". It is 5 years old. I can manually force it to fill the ice tray and when frozen I can force it to turn the tray electronically to dump the ice all when in test mode. But when in regular mode it won't do either...
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    GU2400XTPB7 Quiet Partner III - replaced button panel, now 7-segment LED display is missing segments

    My dishwasher had some blinking lights a few months ago and I was eventually able to figure out the control button panel (Whirlpool 3385741 Panel Control) needed to be replaced. I had ordered this part then but returned it due to a pretty significant scratch on the front and the fact that the 7...