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    LSC5683WS/02 LG Range - some button (start,timer,time) are not working. please help

    LG 2012 model: LSC5683WS/02 control board number: control board: 6871W1N009H Hello, my problem is some button are not working like the start. Since i tried already to clean the ribbon cable/disconnect,reconnect everything, i know the problem will be the control board or the keypad board...
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    FIXED LDG3016ST LG F9 Code on Upper Oven

    Hi, My LG upper oven is throwing an F9 error. From what I have read, it could be related to the temperature sensor, but we have never used the cleaning option, nor has it ever overheated. I assumed it was the igniter, because it did not glow at all before displaying the code, but after...