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    FIXED WM3360HVCA LG Washer Won't Power On

    So about a year ago I started having an intermittent issue where my LG Washer WM3360HVCA wouldn't power on. Either unplugging it or doing the hard reset, sometimes leaving it unplugged a couple hours or over night if necessary, but it would start working. Long story short, home warranty company...
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    LG WT1101CW Squeal (no error code)

    Our LG WT1101CW started making a squealing noise. Sounds mechanical (bearing) but also like maybe a rubber seal squeaking. Video link with annoying sound attached. https://youtu.be/JRXU3sJMxcU
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    WM2101HW LG front loader will not spin or agitate

    My LG front load washer will not spin or agitate. I have attempted the reset multiple times. I have replaced the rotor sensor and main circuit board without any changes. It will first look like it starts to rotate the drum in the first few seconds but with a heavy noise. Then it will eventually...
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    LG WM2010CW Drainage Issue

    Hello! I'm in desperate need of some assistance. Many thanks in advance if you take the time to read/respond. I have an LG WM2010CW Washing Machine. It won't drain. With a small load and while full of water (wouldn't drain,) I unplugged the machine for a bit and then plugged it back in. I then...
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    FIXED LG WT5001CW Spline on new clutch is the wrong size

    I ordered a new wash plate a few years ago and it fit fine. I had to replace the clutch assy. recently. Ordered the part and installed. It started the UE code so I figured the splines was stripped again (common problem) When I removed the wash plate, I discovered the spline on the new clutch was...
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    Squeaky LG Front Loader Washer

    Periodically my LG washer will make a squeaking/groaning sound during the wash when the drum is spinning slowly and when it changes directions. It also does it after a wash when I turn the drum by hand. The sound is coming from the back center of the drum. The video linked below is not of my...
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    WM1814CW LG Washer's Drum is loose

    Hi, My lg washer today started making unusual noises. Loud rumbling and banging mostly during the spin. I went to check and the drum it self was hanging down,and i could see a gap from the top, it look like its attached but not in place. I moved the drum around in all directions and it would...
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    Stuck at replacing seal in LG front-load washer

    I have replaced the two bearings and am trying to get the seal in. I am unable to great the seal to seat in behind the bearing. Tried using soap tapping with mallet, pushing with thumbs. It keeps popping up on the opposite side you are pushing on.
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    FIXED I need help pinpointing a power failure on my LG front loader

    I need help figuring out which part I need to replace on my washer. It's a LG front loader, model # WM2016CW. So there was a leak or something upstairs and the water dripped down onto my washer, towards the front of the machine. Now when I try to turn it on, the front panel doesn't light up at...