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    417.94812301 Kenmore stacked washer/dryer only washes on Delicate cycle

    I have a Model 417.94812301 Kenmore washer/dryer combo. Recently on regular cycle when it got to the final spin there was a burning smell and the chassis above the lid lock switch was warm to the touch. After that it would only run on the delicate cycle, which it did with no problem. I...
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    Whirlpool Washer WTW4800BQ1 wont FULLY drain. (already replaced drain pump)

    HI All, I recently replaced the Drain Pump on my WTW4800BQ1 (even though the factory one worked but was a little slower due to age). The problem I am having is that after the washer runs the "DRAIN TUB" mode it still has a couple of gallons in the bottom of the tub. [cant see the water] but...
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    Lid message on GE Washer GTW755CPM1DG

    I have a washer that is displaying the "LID" message and will not start a cycle. What are the possible causes of this?
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    Maytag Washer MVWB865GW - Lid Lock light flashing // cycle interrupted // won't start

    Purchased 11/28/2018 I've had intermittent problems with the lid lock for over a year. The lid lock won't engage, the light flashed and the unit stops. I have to slam the top lid or unplug the power to get it to work again. Even when it starts working it will stop and not complete the cycle...
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    Whirlpool Washer WTW5000DW3 lid lock issue

    Hello, Let me start off by saying I have absolutely no experience in appliance repair. I just got my washer from someone at work today. Got it home and set it all up so I can test it out. I press the start button and the lid lock light blinks once and that's it. Nothing else happens. I watched...
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    Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW5550XW2 Lid Lock Issue

    Hi there, I recently ran into an issue with my Whirlpool Cabrio washer. Upon attempting to do any task with the machine will result in the washer engaging the lid lock and stopping indefinitely during the sensing phase after disengaging the lid lock once more; I do hear what appears to be the...
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    GTW460BMK0WW GE Washer - Lid Lock Fault

    Using the Field Service mode I've determined that the lid lock is faulty. This makes sense since the washer will fill and then stop. Nothing more. Test 13 confirmed that the machine thinks the lid is open when in fact it is closed. The repairs suggest: Verify that the lid lock is not...
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    WTW5550XW0 Lid lock fault

    Lid lock flashes. Any automatic or manual test involving motor won't run. Error code says lid lock. Jumped the lid lock contact and drums spins slowly as soon as you plug cord into outlet. J7-1 to J15-5 shows 1 meg resistance, J7-1 to J15-6 is infinite. Looks like one of the triacs is bad.
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    GE GTWN7450D0WW Washer Lid won't lock in use will in test

    Unit has power. Select any wash cycle and lid tries to lock. Then will not lock and light does not light. Display says pause. Replaced lid lock unit with same results. Found service manual, ran test and lid locks fine. Have not found any other issue and same result after lid locked in...
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    FIXED MVWX500XW Not spinning, Basket speed sensor?

    Initial symptoms were that the washer, in the middle of a normal cycle, would stop for ~ 10 min (when it should be transitioning between 2 different activities in the cycle), after which the lid would unlock and then resume. If I pushed pause after lid unlocked, it would lock and resume. Which...
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    Lid lock doesnt lock after machine fills with water

    I bought this washer used. When start button pushed, fill light comes on and machine fills. When it stops the lid lock light comes on and you can hear it trying to lock but doesn't, the the fill light will begin to blink. Then nothing happens and I hit the cancel button and it drains the water...
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    Lock light flashes, wont unlock

    I have fixed a couple of items on my Kenmore 110.28002011 washer. Originally, my wife told me there was a faint smell of burning in the wash room. The washer machine would only spin sometimes, and although you could hear the agitator humming, it was not actually agitating. I called the Sears...
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    FIXED Blinking Lid Lock

    I put a load in my Whirlpool WTW4800XQ0 washing machine, the lid locked, it made the usual noise it makes when starting up (Like it was weighing the load or warming up, I can't describe it sorry), then the machine stops and the lid unlocks and the 'lid lock' light starts blinking. I replaced the...