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  1. B

    Whirlpool WRF767SDHZ00 Refrigerator can't get freezer LED out

    I'm having the same LED issue as numerous other posters here, with the freezer LED and fridge top LED out but all others lit. I'm trying to remove the freezer LED as instructed and shown in the video for the LED board but it feels like it's soldered in place or something. First I tried with a...
  2. B

    FIXED KRMF706ESS01 KitchenAid Refrigerator Lights not working.

    I have a KRMF706ESS01. I was having issues with the lights not working, the dispenser stopped dispensing water or ice, the door alarm would go off when the doors were closed, and the ice maker had water in the tray, but wouldn't get cold enough to form ice. I was told it could be faulty door...
  3. G

    FIXED KBSN602ESS KitchenAid Refrigerator Lights Keep Burning Out

    I've seen some pasts post on here that describe the two series LED circuits (one circuit for all of the lights in the freezer + one in the fridge, one circuit for the remaining lights in the fridge) in these refrigerators. Because the LEDs are in series, when one LED goes out the entire circuit...
  4. E

    FIXED NX58R4311SS/AA Samsung Gas Oven - bake/broil and oven light do not work.

    Our NX58R4311SS/AA Samsung gas oven/range is almost 2 years old. First noticed the oven not heating in bake mode yesterday. Luckily a neighbor let us bake a cake in their oven! (Happy Birthday Grandma!) Today I am searching forums, preparing to debug and find the problem. I haven't found any...
  5. F

    Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF555SDF011 LED Light Panel

    I have a bad LED Light panel on a newer Whirlpool Fridge. The LED panel is different from the others I have seen here. When I remove the screw and take the clear light cover off it looks like the LED panel is underneath the whole housing (see picture) I cannot figure out how to get the light...
  6. vap0rtranz

    FIXED Hotpoint RC-11 Range - fluorescent light & capacitor

    Will a higher rated capacitor than what's original work with new fluorescent tubes? I'm restoring an old Hotpoint RC-11 range that has a 30" fluorescent tube that won't light. I replaced the T8 tube that was in the range with a new one but it still doesn't light. Everything else works...
  7. D

    Sub Zero 550 Interior Lights Malfunctioning

    The lights in the upper food section of our Sub Zero 550 (circa 1990) are malfunctioning. 3 weeks ago the food section stopped cooling. The lower freezer was not affected and was working normally. The lights were still working at that time. I called a service tech (all makes), and the tech...
  8. A

    Whirlpool WRV986FDEM01 inside lights stopped working, water/ice dispenser stopped working

    Hi! I'm having some issues with my less than 3 year old Whirlpool Refrigerator, model WRV986FDEM01. About 3 days ago, the inside lights stopped working. Originally, I thought it may be an issue with the switch, but then, the next morning, my water/ice dispenser stopped working also. It does...
  9. S

    Maytag Refrigerator MFI2569YEM0 water dispenser light not working

    I have an 8 year old Maytag French door bottom freezer refrigerator. The dispenser light quit working. I have checked all wiring connections at the top of the door hinge - they all appear to be tight. I have cleaned the entire dispenser area with white vinegar and a tooth brush - there was...
  10. G

    FIXED RF28HMEDBSR/AA Samsung Refrigerator - Freezer Light Stopped Working

    Hello. This fridge is approximately 18 months old. The freezer LED light or lights all the sudden stopped working. All other lights in the flex drawer and fridge still work. I've tried cutting the power to the entire unit, but that did not help. There's a pressure switch in the freezer...
  11. R

    WRF535SWHZ00 Freezer defroster won't work automatically and the light won't work

    Hi so yesterday I opened up my freezer and the light was off and I noticed frost all over the compartment. I then put the fridge in force-defrost mode and after a couple of cycles of that, it seemed to work since instead of frost it was just wet and the light turned on the next day (today). I...
  12. C

    FIXED LFC25760SB - Interior Lights Issue

    I'm having an issue with the interior lights of my LG LFC25760SB, manufactured in 2006. When the doors are opened, the interior lights do not come on. We've tried a few things with no results: Replaced bulbs with bulbs tested in another appliance Replaced the light socket assembly While...
  13. F

    Kenmore dryer won't heat

    I purchased this used dryer through Craig's List and it worked just fine when I picked it up. I cleaned the entire dryer/washer unit inside and out. The entire dryer is free from all lent and dirt (I gave it a new makeover). Now I got the dryer hooked up with a "new" gas connector and...
  14. D

    FIXED Kenmore (and beer) getting warmer by the minute!!

    The light went out on our frig side (not the freezer side). Replaced bulb but still not working - THAT's when I realized that it wasn't so cold in the frig side anymore. After quickly putting MY beer in our garage frig (a 15 year old frig we 'salvaged' from the street ) I jumped on this forum in...

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