light stays on

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    Light stays on with Door shut and Convection fan sounds like it's loose

    1. First my convection part of this microwave, the fan started to ding a ling a ling, the convection heats up but does not spread the heat, I'm thinking it's loose like a nut feel off or is loose, as i heard the fan sounds like it was hitting metal like it was loose. 2. My Microwave oven light...
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    KA Model KODE500ESS01 Double wall oven, bottom works, top does not/Lights on.

    I have a KA Model #KODE500ESS01 double wall oven I just installed. The lower oven works fine, heats ujp, self cleans, the upper does not. The lights come on after I turn on the breaker and the lights stay on in both ovens. When I start the cleaning in the bottom oven the lights turn off. I...