1. M

    FIXED Strobing Light in WRS322FDAM03

    Hello! I wanted to reach out about an issue I have been putting off for a while. The light in both the fridge AND the Freezer strobes for about 2-3 seconds every time we open the door. This was fun during Halloween but it's starting to get old. The fridge is about 8 years old. I called Whirlpool...
  2. G

    FIXED KBSN602ESS KitchenAid Refrigerator Lights Keep Burning Out

    I've seen some pasts post on here that describe the two series LED circuits (one circuit for all of the lights in the freezer + one in the fridge, one circuit for the remaining lights in the fridge) in these refrigerators. Because the LEDs are in series, when one LED goes out the entire circuit...
  3. D

    Kenmore Dishwasher 665.13743K601 Clean light still stuck in 7 blink cycle after replacing heating element - can't reset

    Hi there. The dishwasher stopped working and presented with the clean light 7 blink cycle that I've since come to learn indicates an issue with heating. I checked the heating element with a multimeter and it didn't register at all so I replaced it. But after reassembly I'm still presented...
  4. M

    Whirlpool Dishwasher DU1345XTVQ2 normal light flashing, but both keypad and control board test fine

    Hello everyone. At first this dishwasher had erratic behavior like randomly switching lights without user input, all lights coming on, different lights flashing, and stopping mid cycle. I opened it up and noticed that capacitor C132 on the control board was bulged and had leaked fluid. I...
  5. S

    FIXED KMHC319ESS3 KitchenAid Microwave - light stays on fan turns on when closing the door

    Some times, but not most times, when we close the door after removing an item from the microwave the light stays on and the fan turns on. If we open and re-close the door the light and fan turns off. The Microwave is 3 years old and about 6 mos ago one of the upper door switches went bad and I...
  6. W

    Indesit fridge freezer stopped working

    We have an Indesit fridge freezer from about the late 0's. We noticed the fridge was not cool, and in fact got warm on top. Turns out the years of weight on the door had bent it just enough to misalign the light switch with the bump it should press against. The bulb ended up melting the...
  7. D

    JGS760SEL2SS GE Range - any way to disable the oven light?

    Is there any way to disable the light (short of unscrewing the bulb cover and removing the bulb)? Is there any setting which will stop the light from going on when the door is open without affecting the functionality of the rest of the oven? TIA
  8. D

    FIXED WRF555SDFZ05 Whirlpool Refrigerator - LED lighting help

    I am getting a dim, flickering, intermittent RC light. I read some parts here on older threads and other forums. I wanted to check the voltage supplied first to see if it is a power supply issue. I am getting a reading of 66VAC. This didn't sound right to me. Thanks to another thread here, I...
  9. L

    Samsung - RS21JGRS - Fridge lights not working

    Hi, The lights are not working in the fridge it is not the bulbs (as I have tested bulb from in the freezer compartment and work fine). I have notice that when door is open it beeps and closed kickes off the fan. Could it still be the door switch the problem? Everything else with he fridge is...
  10. K

    KDFE304DSS0 KitchenAid Dishwasher Control Panel Lights don't stay on

    The dishwasher is connected to a switch. The lights come on after turning the switch off and back on for up to a minute, then go off. The dishwasher still runs but the lights are out.
  11. Xto22

    DW80R2031US Samsung Dishwasher - What does this light mean?

    Hello, my mom just bought us this dishwasher. I love it! I was just curious what this light indicates. I hadn’t noticed it before last night, but it was on when the machine finished last night and then it came on again this morning when I was going to start another load. I haven’t run the...
  12. C

    FIXED LED Light Failure in KitchenAid KFIS29PBMS03

    The freezer compartment LED module was the issue. The FC module went out about a month ago and I decided not to replace at the time. Two days ago the fresh food section lights started to flicker and eventually went out, except for the two under the ice maker and drawer light. I replaced the...
  13. S

    Maytag Refrigerator MFI2569YEM0 water dispenser light not working

    I have an 8 year old Maytag French door bottom freezer refrigerator. The dispenser light quit working. I have checked all wiring connections at the top of the door hinge - they all appear to be tight. I have cleaned the entire dispenser area with white vinegar and a tooth brush - there was...
  14. N

    RBD305PDQ15 Whirlpool double oven light does not turn off

    Good morning, I have a double oven made by Whirlpool model #RBD305PDQ15 and a few months ago while cooking in both ovens, the lights on the panel went out and then came back but the door was in the locked position and stayed there until we opened it with a clothes hanger and removed the food...
  15. K

    GC3NHAXVY01 Refrigerator Light issue

    One of my refrigerator lights was not working last week though the other one was working okay. I was trying to replace the bulb, but in the process, I broke the bulb. So took the bulb assembly out (i neatly wrote down which wire goes where). Took the broken one out successfully and replaced...
  16. M

    Fan and light on when door open.

    Hi, The fan and light comes up when door is open, when locked no light or fan, only Magnetron is on(i suppose). I have changed all the micro switches. Tried all the trouble shooting whatever i have seen in google search. What could be the issue? Is it front control panel or wiring? I do...
  17. X

    Microwave light and turntable both will not function

    One day a couple of months ago the light went out on my microwave. After a couple of weeks, I finally purchased a replacement bulb. After changing the bulb, the light still doesn't work. I also noticed that the turntable no longer turns, either. Not sure if they both stopped functioning at the...
  18. D

    110.97081601 Kenmore Elite He4 has drum light but no console or button lights / response

    The dryer suddenly stopped responding to any buttons and the display console never lights up. I know that there's power since the drum light works. I checked the thermal fuse for continuity, and that tested okay. So, I'm assuming it's either the Machine Control Electronics Assembly...
  19. A

    KitchenAid Gas Oven won't light.

    Okay, I have tried to review prior posts and do my homework so I'm not wasting anyone's time here, but I'm stumped. This model oven has a gas range on top of the oven (works fine), and electric element inside the oven on the top (works fine), and both a top and bottom gas element within the oven...
  20. K

    KUDS40CVSS0 Some buttons stopped working. Will not start /run. Kitchenaid architect dishwasher

    My dishwasher stopped working yesterday and now only some of the buttons on the front will light up when pressed. One of the buttons that is not working is the `start/resume" (other buttons that do not work: "rinse only", "Proscrub", "4 hour delay"). The buttons that at least light up are "heavy...
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