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  1. J

    GE PHP9036DJ2BB induction cooktop blowing fuses

    Hi all, we had a storm roll through a few days ago and had a nearby lightning strike. We were in the kitchen when that strike hit and immediately heard a pop in our induction cooktop. We had the front left burner on at the time. Three breakers including the one for the cooktop tripped. After...
  2. M

    Combo microwave/oven Kitchenaid KOCE500ESS05 Possible Lightning Strike

    My combo microwave/oven Kitchenaid KOCE500ESS05 may have been hit by lightning today. We had a terrible storm and there was a lightning strike that was so loud we believe it hit the house or nearby. We lost power entirely for a few hours and when it came back on our oven has zero power to it...
  3. M

    PLD4555RF0 Something in my dishwasher runs on its own following lightning strike

    Last week, lightning struck right next to my house taking out everything connected to the cable lines including all our TVs and cable boxes and sadly, my PS4... but oddly, the only appliance affected that wasn't tied to the cable line was our dishwasher. It was off during the storm but it...
  4. eva2000

    LG GR-S552GT - tripping mains safety switch extent of repair/damage?

    Hi from Brisbane, Australia :D Background I have a LG GR-S552GT fridge/freezer which seems to have been taken out by the recent storms/lightning in the area over the past few days. Was getting power outages with main power box's safety switch being triggered a few times over the past few days...
  5. K

    Frigidaire Refrigerator Not Cooling After Lightning Strike

    We have a 12 cu. ft. Frigidaire FFPT12F0KB refrigerator/freezer in our basement bar area. One night we had a bad storm, a large bolt of lightning stuck and all our power went out. Two days later, I go to get something out of the freezer downstairs and notice everything is thawed out. It was...

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