lights blinking

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    FIXED KUDS01FLSS6 KitchenAid Dishwasher not running, blinking lights

    So my heating element burnt out. Before it did I noticed it melting my silverware basket in one spot. Then the other day it ran a cycle but didn’t dry anything. Then the clean light was blinking 7 times. I tried to do that combo to reset. Crack door ajar, hit combo Hi temp/dry/hi temp/dry close...
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    FIXED GDT550HSD1SS GE Will not begin cycle, yellow light blinks

    When I select options then hit start, my GE dishwasher will begin blinking a yellow light, continuously*. This is combined with intermittent beeps. In the past, I have noticed that this also happens when the door is not closed properly. So I made sure that the door is securely fastened. If I...
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    ge dishwasher won't fill and lights blinking

    Stumper! Dishwasher control buttons are blinking, dishwasher will not fill even after replacing inlet valve.
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    FIXED GU2475XTVY1 Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner IV Cancel/Drain Light Blinks

    my dishwasher stopped in the middle of a cycle with the Cancel/Drain light flashing, No other lights flash and no buttons seam to do anything! When i i cycle the power, it turns on with only the rinse light on then i hear the drain pump turn on for about 5-10 seconds and drains part of the...