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    GDT655SSJ2SS - won't power on / no lights

    Hi, My GE dishwasher won't power on: Only about 2 years old. (About 3 months ago the power on the dishwasher went out, but I simply unplugged and plugged back in and it powered on.) -No Lights -No Beeps -I tried to connect to other working power outlets and still no power to the DW. (Checked...
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    FIXED 106.51764510 Kenmore Refrigerator - Freezer LED lights not working

    I have a Kenmore 106.51764510 Side by Side frig (built 9-17) and the freezer LED lights are no longer coming on with the door open (they did when we first bought the house in March 2019). Frig lights are fine. I replaced the door switch but no change. If I "jiggle" the freezer door switch the...
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    FAFW3511KW0 Affinity front loader - lights flashing AFTER replacing control board and door mechanism

    A few weeks back my Affinity front load washer would stop mid-cycle. Sometimes I could re-start it and it would complete, but then it stopped completely. The initial error code went back and forth between E6E and E41. Here are the steps I took- 1. Checked drain and pump -> nothing clogging it...
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    Dim Lights on Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF989SDAM02

    A few days ago, several of the LED lights within our Whirlpool Gold Series refrigerator (Model WRF989SDAM02) stopped working properly. Upon opening the doors, a set of the lights work properly but the remainder are all dim. The dim ones are along the sides of both doors and to the upper right of...
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    ZISS48DCASS GE Monogram Lights Out, Also lights in freezer control dials are out

    The lights are out in the fridge size, but working fine in the freezer. Additionally, the lights in the dials that control the temperature are also out, so this is definitely more than a bulb. Any ideas where I should start? Thank you.
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    Dim / sometimes flickering lights on control panel buttons

    Hi. Have had my dishwasher for about 3 years so far. Beginning a few months ago, two of the buttons on the control panel would show dimly lit LED's after the unit finished washing and they would always stay that way, until I fired up the unit for another washing (then those two buttons would...
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    GDF620HMJ0ES Likely electrical problem - what have I fried?

    I have a fairly new dishwasher that recently stopped working. It seemed to stop after plugging in a battery charger into an outlet above the dishwasher, but I now think that must have just been a timing coincidence. No breakers had flipped. The dishwasher is hardwired to an appropriate 20A 120V...
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    Viking Dishwasher drains constantly

    Hi there. Viking DW drains constantly. I've checked for water in the pan. None. I've tested the float switch, it's fully operational. ALL the lights on the control panel are on. None are blinking. I've already replaced the main control board. It filled and washed briefly. Then reverted back to...
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    FIXED KUDK02CRBS0 Intermittent panel lights, then no lights and no response

    I don't know much about the history of this appliance since it was already in the home when we moved in about 6 months ago. I'm guessing it's at least 5+yrs old. About one month ago the control panel buttons started acting up a bit and became progressively worse. The "Cancel" button would...
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    FIXED VGSC306-4BSS Replacing Lights Switch on Viking

    Flush with confidence after getting the necessary help from Rick and VikTech to solve my Viking oven igniter problem I feel empowered to tackle the other remaining problem with the Viking range that was in the house I recently bought: a broken "Oven Lights" switch. Existing switch: The switch...
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    FIXED GE dishwasher GLD4260L00SS: Lights blinking

    Hello, I have a GE dishwasher GLD4260L00SS and I think after a power outage (not sure anymore...), 3 lights are continuously blinking: heavy wash + hot wash + hot start (I think I had start/reset + hot wash + hot start blinking before... it may have changed??). I disconnected for days then...
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    Can't find correct lightbulb

    Anybody know where I can find the correct lightbulb part number for jenn air jes9900bab? The manual shows 74004458 which is a 12 volt g4 (4 mm) base. I bought it, installed it & it blew out immediately. I looked at the wiring diagram & it shows 120 volts to the lamp holder so that explains the...
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    Bottom Lights, after replaced, still don't work

    OK - so the lights were out on the bottom of the Microwave. When I went to take them out to replace, they both broke leaving the base twist piece still in the socket. After getting them out - and laying on my back on the counter for 20 minutes, i was able to get the bases out of the sockets...