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    FIXED KBSN602ESS KitchenAid Refrigerator Lights Keep Burning Out

    I've seen some pasts post on here that describe the two series LED circuits (one circuit for all of the lights in the freezer + one in the fridge, one circuit for the remaining lights in the fridge) in these refrigerators. Because the LEDs are in series, when one LED goes out the entire circuit...
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    Whirlpool refrigerator WRX986SIHZ00 all interior lights are strobing

    This is a 4+ year old fridge and the lights in all compartments strobe when opened. Is this something I can fix myself or do I need to get a repairman in?
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    WRF989SDAH02 Whirlpool French Door Fridge ALL interior LEDs stopped working

    Any help is appreciated here. I know there are other threads and videos talking about how to replace a single LED module inside a fridge like mine...but... we woke up the other day and ALL of the interior LEDs no longer work. My understanding is there are two lighting circuits inside this...
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    Range Hood KitchenAid KVUB606DSS3 - Range hood lights wont go on

    Both range hood lights wont go on, nor will the timer work. There is no information about the lights or the timer on the control panel. The fan works fine and the fan status shows up on the control panel. There is no power coming from the main controller to the transformer for the lights. I...
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    AGQ8700FS1 Frigidaire Affinity Gas Dryer not heating, shutting off mid-cycle, three blinking lights.

    Our dryer started doing this while I was out on a work trip and am just not starting to trouble shoot. If anyone. can help with some basic trouble shooting steps or If anyone could help me with a tech sheet/ how to get into diagnostic mode, it would be appreciated. All the best!
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    FIXED Whirlpool WRF989SDAM03 - LED light and Ice maker issues

    We have owned our WRF989SDAM03 French Door Whirlpool refrigerator since 2014. We had one little issue when we first bought, but it was minor and covered under warranty. A couple years later, we had some issue with it and I can't remember the initial concern at this time, but the repairman...
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    GE Refrigerator GYE22GYNBFS Light suddenly dim

    Our refrigerator is basically new, less than a year old. My wife was wiping it out the other day, and afterward we noticed the interior lights are suddenly very dim. The LCDs seem to be on, but there is so little light inside. I don’t understand it. I thought that perhaps she bumped a knob or a...
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    KRMF706ESS01 KitchenAid Refrigerator - Display panel problems

    all the sudden the frig started having multiple problems. and the problems alternate. door alarm when door is closed. When fridge door is opened sometimes the lights are off. Ice and water dispenser not working. water dispenser now will only dispense 1 oz of water then shut off. timer set for 8...
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    MDG5500AWW Maytag Dryer control panel unresponsive - I need some advice

    I have an old Maytag Neptune MDG5500AWW gas dryer (2003) Serial number:62774313CG . The dryer started to beep and the front of the panel was suddenly unresponsive after working flawlessly for 17 years. The lights were on however, nothing changed when I touched the buttons. There was no error...
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    FIXED KRFF507ESS Ceiling lights out, the rest stay on

    Hi all, this is for my Kitchenaid KRFF507ESS. It's 2.5 years old. There are 5 "ceiling" lights in my KRFF507ESS. A few weeks ago 2 turn off (the front two) and the other 3 were flickering. As of today they're all off. No other issues with the fridge anywhere (lights or termp). Any ideas or...
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    FIXED KFIS29BBMS02 KitchenAid Refrigerator - Lights don't turn on

    I'm working on a KitchenAid fridge with all the interior lights not turning on. I noticed when opening the doors the ice fan stays on, but it seems like that should turn off with the fridge doors open. This leads me to believe that it thinks the doors are still closed. Is it likely that both...
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    FIXED GE Dishwasher GDT655SSJ2SS - won't power on / no lights

    Hi, My GE dishwasher won't power on: Only about 2 years old. (About 3 months ago the power on the dishwasher went out, but I simply unplugged and plugged back in and it powered on.) -No Lights -No Beeps -I tried to connect to other working power outlets and still no power to the DW. (Checked...
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    FIXED 106.51764510 Kenmore Refrigerator - Freezer LED lights not working

    I have a Kenmore 106.51764510 Side by Side frig (built 9-17) and the freezer LED lights are no longer coming on with the door open (they did when we first bought the house in March 2019). Frig lights are fine. I replaced the door switch but no change. If I "jiggle" the freezer door switch the...
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    FAFW3511KW0 Affinity front loader - lights flashing AFTER replacing control board and door mechanism

    A few weeks back my Affinity front load washer would stop mid-cycle. Sometimes I could re-start it and it would complete, but then it stopped completely. The initial error code went back and forth between E6E and E41. Here are the steps I took- 1. Checked drain and pump -> nothing clogging it...
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    Dim Lights on Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF989SDAM02

    A few days ago, several of the LED lights within our Whirlpool Gold Series refrigerator (Model WRF989SDAM02) stopped working properly. Upon opening the doors, a set of the lights work properly but the remainder are all dim. The dim ones are along the sides of both doors and to the upper right of...
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    ZISS48DCASS GE Monogram Lights Out, Also lights in freezer control dials are out

    The lights are out in the fridge size, but working fine in the freezer. Additionally, the lights in the dials that control the temperature are also out, so this is definitely more than a bulb. Any ideas where I should start? Thank you.
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    Dim / sometimes flickering lights on control panel buttons

    Hi. Have had my dishwasher for about 3 years so far. Beginning a few months ago, two of the buttons on the control panel would show dimly lit LED's after the unit finished washing and they would always stay that way, until I fired up the unit for another washing (then those two buttons would...
  18. P

    FIXED GDF620HMJ0ES Likely electrical problem - what have I fried?

    I have a fairly new dishwasher that recently stopped working. It seemed to stop after plugging in a battery charger into an outlet above the dishwasher, but I now think that must have just been a timing coincidence. No breakers had flipped. The dishwasher is hardwired to an appropriate 20A 120V...
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    Viking Dishwasher drains constantly

    Hi there. Viking DW drains constantly. I've checked for water in the pan. None. I've tested the float switch, it's fully operational. ALL the lights on the control panel are on. None are blinking. I've already replaced the main control board. It filled and washed briefly. Then reverted back to...
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    FIXED KUDK02CRBS0 Intermittent panel lights, then no lights and no response

    I don't know much about the history of this appliance since it was already in the home when we moved in about 6 months ago. I'm guessing it's at least 5+yrs old. About one month ago the control panel buttons started acting up a bit and became progressively worse. The "Cancel" button would...
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