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    FIXED VGSC306-4BSS Replacing Lights Switch on Viking

    Flush with confidence after getting the necessary help from Rick and VikTech to solve my Viking oven igniter problem I feel empowered to tackle the other remaining problem with the Viking range that was in the house I recently bought: a broken "Oven Lights" switch. Existing switch: The switch...
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    FIXED GE dishwasher GLD4260L00SS: Lights blinking

    Hello, I have a GE dishwasher GLD4260L00SS and I think after a power outage (not sure anymore...), 3 lights are continuously blinking: heavy wash + hot wash + hot start (I think I had start/reset + hot wash + hot start blinking before... it may have changed??). I disconnected for days then...
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    Can't find correct lightbulb

    Anybody know where I can find the correct lightbulb part number for jenn air jes9900bab? The manual shows 74004458 which is a 12 volt g4 (4 mm) base. I bought it, installed it & it blew out immediately. I looked at the wiring diagram & it shows 120 volts to the lamp holder so that explains the...
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    Bottom Lights, after replaced, still don't work

    OK - so the lights were out on the bottom of the Microwave. When I went to take them out to replace, they both broke leaving the base twist piece still in the socket. After getting them out - and laying on my back on the counter for 20 minutes, i was able to get the bases out of the sockets...

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