locate defrost timer

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    Refrigerator MFI2569VEM1 not cooling, Evaporator frosted

    I have a Maytag MFI2569VEM1 refrigerator. The fridge was no longer cooling freezer was working fine. I noticed the evaporator coils were icing over. Evaporator Fan appeared to be running normally. After defrosting the fridge everything ran normal for about 5 days and unsurprisingly the same...
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    Magic Chef RB150PW Where is the defrost timer located?

    Refrigerator seems to be working fine but the freezer isn't cold enough in one of our rentals. I cleaned the condenser coils as they were packed with dirt. I'm hoping this corrects the problem. But I was hoping to check the defrost timer while I was there but couldn't find it. I had the bottom...