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    Maytag Washer MVWX600XW0 Spin Tries to Start While Washer is Off

    Hi All, I don't know the age of the washer. I bought it used. Anyways, my Maytag MVWX600XW0 is acting up. When I plug it in, the lock engages, and sometimes the washer starts to spin without me pressing either the power or start buttons. Most of the time it immediately unlocks after starting...
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    110.2118210 Lock light is on, won't turn off after unplugging, lid locked, humming noise.

    It happened before, when "fill" and "lock" lights were flashing, door was locked. Was able to cancel load to get rid of the "fill" green light flashing, but "lock" light stayed. I unplugged the machine, gave it a few seconds, plugged it back in and that got rid of the light. I was able to run a...
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    Lock light flashes, wont unlock

    I have fixed a couple of items on my Kenmore 110.28002011 washer. Originally, my wife told me there was a faint smell of burning in the wash room. The washer machine would only spin sometimes, and although you could hear the agitator humming, it was not actually agitating. I called the Sears...
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