1. E

    whirlpool wtw5105hw0 wont run cycle or diagnostic tests

    I paused at the beginning of a wash cycle to add a towel to the load, however the lock remained on (as well as showing in the LCD display) and I couldn't open the lid. I ended the cycle and still couldn't open the lid. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and the lock disengaged, however when...
  2. G

    FWT449GFS1 Frigidaire Washer door lock wiring?????

    I have a FWT449GFS1 front load washer which I bought used 4 years ago. After a load ran, the door would not open, even though the door lock light was out. I looked up a neat trick to get it open using a piece of string under the rim of the door, which worked BTW. I ordered a replacement door...
  3. J

    JDB1100AWW Door Latch stuck in locked mode and can't close door

    Door latch is stuck in locked position and door won't close. Ordered a new part but I'm looking for way to reset the lock to close door.
  4. P

    MVWX500XW0 Washer Won't Start troubleshooting has been done

    I have an issue with our washer(obviously). The auto self test completes without issue. I ran lid lock tests, agitate(low and high) in manual mode, spin tests (low has completed once but reverted to flashing lid lock every other time after a couple seconds, and high always flashes after the...
  5. B

    MGR7685AS Lock over ride? Maytag

    My wife and I bought this Maytag brand new directly from Whirlpool. We now have a little one climbing around and trying to climb up onto the stove. We have a lock on it for cleaning, and there is a control panel lockout, but there's no way for us to manually lock the oven door without going...
  6. L

    Broil element comes on and eventually door locks regardless of bake mode or temperature setting.

    Hi All. I've had this range for well over 10 years now and other than having to replace the control board about 8 years ago and the oven door glass it has worked pretty well. That is until this week. Regardless of which mode we set it to or how low we set the temp, the oven eventually heats...
  7. P

    Samsung washer - door won't latch

    It has become difficult, though not impossible, to get the door on our front-loading Samsung washer to lock. It generally takes 3 - 8 attempts before it will stay closed, and hence enable starting the washer. Does this mean that the door-lock assembly must be replaced, or does the fact that it...
  8. C

    Maytag dryer cones on but won't start

    The other day I was adjusting the mattress cover that was drying and when i put it back in and pushed start I heard a pop and it wouldn't start. It comes on, but won't start. My FIL took the lid off and immediately a control lock light came on. We were going to replace the thermal fuse, but...
  9. L

    No power to washer after buzzer continually buzzing

    Hi there, I had to replace the door latch on my front loader (from the old white one to the new black one). This latch only worked properly for a few months. When I tried to shut the door, the washer wouldn't start. I found that if I removed the latch and placed it into the door lock on its...
  10. Q

    Matag Neptune Stackable washer won’t fill, lock, or spin

    The machine will gently rotate the drum left and right and drain, but that’s about it. I don’t get a high speed spin. The door never locks. And the machine won’t fill. When I quickly rotate the selector dial a very short burst of water comes out. The selector dial dose not automatically...

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