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  1. jaybake32

    FIXED Kenmore 110.26712690 top load washer drum spins

    Hello I am having a few issues with my Kenmore 110.26712690 top loader and hoped someone could provide guidance. It had been banging violently, and I discovered the "skate plate" was out of rotation so I corrected that, and now it has much improved. It still wobbles some in the spin cycle, but...
  2. B

    FIXED SCD23VBW Evaporator fan blade loose

    The evaporator fan went bad (it was humming when I accessed the compartment and would spin briefly if I flicked the blade but would seize up again). The fan blade was held to the shaft just by how tightly it fit the shaft. I have just received the replacement fan motor which says it is a...
  3. J

    WM1814CW LG Washer's Drum is loose

    Hi, My lg washer today started making unusual noises. Loud rumbling and banging mostly during the spin. I went to check and the drum it self was hanging down,and i could see a gap from the top, it look like its attached but not in place. I moved the drum around in all directions and it would...
  4. E

    FIXED WTW4800XQ1 washer tub's excessive play

    This Whirlpool, Model WTW4800XQ1, top loading washer is only 2 years old! The complaint was that they (family member) could only wash small loads at a time and when I went to have a "look," I was shocked to find the washer's tub was very loose. It seems to have excessive play, as I could...

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