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magic chef oven

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    38HN-6TVW Magic Chef Electric range no bake, but broil and stove work

    The oven stopped working on Bake setting, but broil and all four stove-top burners work. No heat at all on bake at any temperature. What could this be?
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    1950s Commercial Magic Chef Range - Thermostat replacement/repair

    Hello all! I have a really cool 1950s Magic Chef commercial range that needs a thermostat repaired or replaced. So, a couple questions for the antique appliance community: 1. Can anyone recognize this thermostat and comment on the ease of finding a replacement? The only markings I have found on...
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    6498XTS Magic Chef oven temp starts at 325 and reaches 500 in seconds

    Gas oven. Elements all working and igniting fully. When bake temp is set to 500 the read out starts at around 325 and reaches 500 in less than a minute. Internal temp is only 150. I already replaced the short probe. Hoping this isn’t the brain again, as I replaced that a couple years ago and...

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