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    PVM1870DM1WW GE Profile 2007 No Power At All

    I just replaced the Magnetron and the Diode and now when I plug it up there is no power at all. Circuit breaker checked and it is working fine. Any idea why there is no reaction to the new things, was working fine until the last magnetron died.?
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    721.61289100 Kenmore Microwave with no heat

    Title should have been "Kenmore Microwave with no heat"... sorry. I've been a tech for years so I'm aware of precautions around HV items. I'm not, however, a microwave oven tech, more just general electronics. This microwave died about 5 years ago and I found a "donor" almost exact model so I...
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    SMH9207ST Samsung Microwave Not Heating and Magnetron always Buzzing when door closed

    So my wife came home to a buzzing noise on the microwave. She proceeded to try and use it and it did not heat and then went completely dead. I diagnosed a bad thermostat to the control board and have that fixed and the unit has power again. The other thermostat's seem appear to be fine...
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    KB6524PS Sharp drawer Microwave won't heat food, but magnetron gets hot.

    Hi: Kind of a science question here. You might not know the answer, but your knowledge of how microwaves work could put me on the right path. My Sharp microwave is basically brand new. (Unfortunately it's also out of warranty because it sat for a year waiting it's turn to be installed...
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    HV Diode shorted twice! Transformer, capacitor and magnetron seem ok.

    I have a Maytag convection/microwave combo (MMV6178AAW). I found a "shorted" diode (25 ohms both directions). I replaced the diode with a new one and it shorted again. I used a capacitive HV probe to measure the HV transformer output. I get 6.5kV pk-pk while disconnected from the rest of the...