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    GE Cafémodel CYE23TSDCSS is not cooling fresh food or freezer sections with new MB and inverter

    Hi I hope you can help me determine what is going on with my refrigerator. I have an 8 year old GE Café refrigerator model CYE23TSDCSS is not cooling in fresh food or freezer sections. Following instructions in technical service guide, I got the following diagnostic test results: 47 FF Fan...
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    FIXED GE GDF620HMJ2ES main boards keep failing, getting random "door close" beeps throughout the day

    I love this site, so helpful, thank you in advance for your assistance! August 2021, dishwasher was on but would not start, would beep 3 times several seconds after hitting start button. Panel LEDs and buttons seemed to function. Found the service LED lit solid and replaced main board with a...
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    Another GE Fridge won't cool post.... GE Profile PFE29PSDASS

    Previously posted elsewhere, but thought it may be best to create a new thread (previous thread here: I have a GE PFE29PSDASS which seems very similar to what...
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    Correct replacement circuit boards for EI23CS55GS1

    The refrigerator started making noise, loud fan type, then started warming up. After a power outage for 12 hours, it ran perfectly for a few days. Started warming up again. I read a previous thread here, and "Jake," suggested replacing the main board, and perhaps the display board. Can someone...
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    [FIXED] Can't select ice on panel

    On my GE Monogram refrigerator (side by side) I can't select ice (either crushed or cubed) on the touch panel (on the front of the refrigerator). In other words, I press on the touch panel for either type of ice, but the led above the ice won't light, and simply stays on water. All other...
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    FIXED Kenmore Coldspot SxS Dead After Power Blackout

    I have a Kenmore Elite Coldspot Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer 106.44423600. After a recent power blackout, we noticed the fridge and freezer are no longer cold and the LED control panel is completely dead (displays nothing and does not respond to any button pushes). The inside lights...
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    Help Installing Main Board on Maytag Refrigerator

    Hello, Great site - thanks for the assist. I have a Maytag Refrigerator, French Door, with the freezer on the bottom, and the water dispenser inside. The model number is: MFD2561HES, and the Serial Number is 10419386GL. The digital display inside is frozen at "0" degrees for the Freezer, and...
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