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    PDT720SSH7SS GE PROFILE Lower Spray Arm Doesn't Turn

    Over the past 6 weeks, a local service tech has been servicing this 6 year old dishwasher as it was failing to fill with water at the beginning of a wash cycle. After changing the pump, a defective main control board and the flood switch (in that order) it finally seemed to be working. Thank...
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    GTD65GBSJWS GE Dryer not turning on

    Hello Having an issue with my dryer which is about 3 years old, and no longer under warranty. It has been working fine, no problems or complaints the entire time we've owned it. My wife went to use it this morning and the control switch would not light up/power on. After doing a little research...
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    Could anyone help with door lock wiring harness on Bosch 500 (SHPM65Z55N) Dishwasher

    Hi everyone, just registered after seeing other related issues being solved here. While installing, we noticed that the wires coming from door lock release control got snagged and pulled out of the wiring harness. Even though dishwasher was plugged, it wasn't responding to buttons, that's when...
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    GE Dishwasher GDT695SSJ5SS No Power. Fast Blinking Green Light On Main Control Board

    Hello, My dishwasher was randomly beeping throughout the day for about a month. Now it seems to have no power at all. I opened up the Main Control Board and the green light on it is flashing very, very fast! Does anyone know what this means? Do I need to replace the Main Control Board?
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    FIXED GE GDT545PSJ5SS main board replacement - no pump to sprayers

    Dishwasher would not power on at all. I pulled the main board out and found the fuse was blown. Tried shorting it out as a test, still no power to the user control board. Ordered a replacement control board (WD21X24900). Installed it and it looked like all was well. Unit powered up. Tried to run...
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    GE Dishwasher GDT535PSJ2SS circulation pump won't stay running

    I've had this dishwasher for 5 years and it's been giving me issues for the last year. A year ago, the water stopped getting warm/soap stopped dissolving, so I replaced the fill sensor/thermistor and that fixed it. Then I started getting the random beeping noises people on this forum have been...
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    FYI: GE Dishwasher "error codes" are software version numbers

    Just a heads up. I have a GE DGT695SMJ0ES dishwasher that would not start. I put the dishwasher into Consumer Error Mode and had all the LED's flashing with 815 displayed on the control panel. According to the technical service manual, the number is the software version of the dishwasher. It is...
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    FIXED WRV986FDEM01 Whirlpool Evaporator Fan Not Getting Power

    The issue I am having is that the freezer/icemakers work fine, but the FC doesn't cool. I bought a new evaporator fan for the FC and got it all taken apart and put it all back together before making sure it worked. I hear things spin up on Test 3 #4 but cant feel any airflow from the tower at...
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    106.51133210 Kenmore Refrigerator/freezer doesn’t get cold enough.

    Kenmore Coldspot: 106.51133210 (side-by-side) The refrigerator started getting warm so I moved almost all the food to garage fridge. Some things I moved from fridge to freezer because the freezer temperature was roughly what the fridge should be. After a day or two it got cold again and froze...
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    PDS22SISBRSS GE Refrigerator - Digital Display Temps Won't Stay Cold

    On my GE Freezer on the bottom refrigerator, when I set the freezer temp to 0, it immediately goes back to 18. When I set the fridge to 36 it immediately goes back to 50. The fridge and freezer compartments work, but are not as cold as they need to be. We have had blackouts / brownouts...
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    KSSC42FTS00 KitchenAid Built-in Refrigerator - Need replacement PART # WPW10219462 main control board

    Hi- I am looking for a replacement PART # WPW10219462 main control board for my 2007 Kitchenaid refrigerator Model KSSC42FTS00. I have been told these have been discontinued. Any ideas where I can find one? Any other options other than buying a whole new built-in refrigerator? Thank you! Laurel
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    KFIS25XVMS1 KitchenAid not cooling at all, and display lights up all blue

    Hello everyone, first time posting. After trying to vaccum out liquid from the tray beneath the fridge, my wife noticed the fridge was no longer cooling at all. Upon inspection, I also saw the front display quickly worsen from visible text at first to only a fully blue lit screen when you press...
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    Whirlpool WTW4800XQ0 won't spin, lid won't unlock

    Greetings to all. This is my first post; thanks for taking the time to read it! We are dealing with a Whirlpool WTW4800X which is exhibiting the following problems: 1) fails to spin/drain and 2) the Lid Locked light flashes after attempting to spin, requiring us to wait about 5 minutes before...
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    FIXED I need help pinpointing a power failure on my LG front loader

    I need help figuring out which part I need to replace on my washer. It's a LG front loader, model # WM2016CW. So there was a leak or something upstairs and the water dripped down onto my washer, towards the front of the machine. Now when I try to turn it on, the front panel doesn't light up at...
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    Whirlpool Cabrio F50 Errors

    Not sure what else to do - we keep getting F50 and F51 errors. After troubleshooting, I took the tub out to look for any kind of blockage (and to clean the tub). There was nothing. I then replaced the RPS kit and continue to get the F50 error. I get the blinking panel lights when doing a...
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