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    FIXED Kenmore 110.79133413 no heat, igniter is coming on, but then brakes halfway

    Hello Here is the Kenmore dryer with a sensor control panel. It runs, but not heating. The weird thing is that it has F4E3 (restricted airflow) and F2E1 (stuck button on the control panel) error codes while the only problem that really exists is no heat. The igniter starts to glow, but then...
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    GE Monogram refrigerator ZISS360NRSS compressor running hot

    I have a GE monogram fridge that has a compressor that runs very hot. Too hot to touch more than about 5 seconds. But it's definitely running, so not triggering the overheat protection. I inspected the condensor fan, and it is running. The frame in between the 2 compartments is warm, not hot...
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    Temperature control not working after replacing motherboard

    Hi, We inherited a GE Profile Arctica when we bought our house and it quickly become the garage drinks fridge. Recently the temperature controls were only displaying "Off" and the unit had effectively shut down. After some research on the "interwebs", I purchased a new main board (WR55X10942)...

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