mayag bravo

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    FIXED MVWX700XL2 Maytag Washer - what is this code, end of a cycle it will restart by itself all over and run a cycle again

    I am having this problem ever since i replaced my washers hub after it got striped out. Now my washer works correctly but at the end of a cycle it will restart by itself all over and run a cycle again. This code pops up after the end of each cycle.
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    FIXED Maytag MVWX700XL2 washer won't spin on spin cycle.

    My washer is currently having problems on the spin cycle. I have been going through the steps in the technician service manual. What is happening is when I run the spin cycle it will spool up and within a few seconds of that will stop and the lid lock light will be flashing. I have ran the...
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    MVWX655DW1 Agitator/Washplate won't spin during wash cycle.

    Within the past two weeks we have been experiencing problems with our Maytag Bravo top load washer. Usually the agitator/wash plate will move during the Sensing cycle and then of course during the Wash cycle. Unfortunately this is not happening so the clothes appear to just sit there during the...

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