maytag bravos dryer

  1. K

    Dryer giving PF code and an F30 in diagnostic mode

    Dryer quit working during a dry cycle and gave a PF code. Turned it back on and it worked. Next day went to dry and pushed power, all lights came on correctly, picked my settings, and pushed start and a small buzz type beep happens with code PF. Unplugged, didnt work. Waited a day and it worked...
  2. M

    Damn kids put lug nuts in the dryer - Need new blower wheel and mystery part

    lug nuts went though the dryer, lint trap, and the exhaust. There is a plastic piece that is located in between the blowerwheel going out to the exhaust, it looks like some kind of baffling that reduces the amount of stuff that goes into the exhaust. also missing a clip that holds it in place...