maytag washer

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    Maytag MVWP575GW0 - Need help with top panel removal to access tub basket.

    Hi, Had what seems like a pump malfunction during a wash cycle and heard a scraping noise from an object under the inner tub basket. Checked the pump and there was no obstruction but saw a paper clip in the outer tub. Got the agitator removed but I'm not familiar and couldn't find any info on...
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    MVWC400XW0 Maytag washer No spinning or agitation at all

    Washer will not make any movement. Ran the auto diagnostic and came up with code F7E5. What would be next step on identifying the specific problem. Thanks for any help you may have.
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    FIXED MAH55FLBWQ Washer Maytag Neptune "Start/Pause" and "Off" buttons does not work

    Hello - I went through many threads on related issues. For this kind of an issue, I don't know how to test what is bad. Can you help me on this? Either I need to change LED Consol ( Part # 22004439) OR Control Board ( WP22004299)? Thanks in advance. Rahul
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    MVWC416FW MAYTAG - Wash Light Stays On

    Hello -- I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue -- My Maytag washer will begin filling for 3 seconds and then stop in sensing mode. Then after some minutes the wash light will come on and stay on. After several minutes, all lights will go out and the washer will begin emptying the water...
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    MAH4000AWW cold water isn't working

    I've come across a new problem with my Maytag Neptune. When switching the water temperature control to cold/cold, or any combination which requires cold water to temper the hot ==> warm, or during the rinse cycle (cold), the water does not flow. Things I have checked: 1. The valve appears to...
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    Maytag Atlantis drains too fast for drain pipe

    The washer is draining faster than the drain pipe will allow and it is overflowing. The drain pipe is 1 1/2". We had a plumber check the pipe and is is clear. He said we may need a 2" pipe for the water to drain properly. The retrofit and change the pipe sized is going to cost about $1,500...
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    FIXED Maytag Performa Washer-tub off balance.

    My Maytag Performa has been a great and reliable machine. I frequently do heavy loads and it hasn't been a big issue until recently. In the past month it has been going off balance nearly every load, no matter the size. I mean slamming against the cabinet and trying to run out the door! The...
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    Maytag Neptune MAH3000AWW issues - stopped spinning and other issues

    I've had relative good luck with the washer as it has run up til this year (bought new in 1998) 1. Major issue is that it has stopped spinning ( or even working through cycles now). It makes an "electronic groan" like it wants to start, but goes for a minute and then shuts itself off. 2. I've...